Action or Alignment – Which Comes First?

It depends.

Deliberate creating means that you have a definite objective, goal or desire. That’s the deliberate part. The creating part is getting your internal state to match your outer expectations and actions. Exactly what do I mean by the internal state? An internal state is the mental and emotional representation using your imagination to engage all the senses, including the emotions, of what you’ll feel when you actually have what you desire.

I often tell my clients that they shouldn’t “fake it til they make it” – unless they’re in complete integrity with their expectations. If you’re out of alignment with your goal (have a low expectation, doubt, wonder how long, fret, etc.), the goal will be very slow in manifesting.

Taking action on top of mis-alignment is hard work. It feels like struggle, low self-confidence and flagging self-esteem. However, if you’re excited about your goals and what you’re creating, being in action feels like fun motion forward. It’s exhilarating. The action helps you sustain your alignment. Let me offer some examples.

Let’s use the example of Sandra who wants a promotion.

Sandra has been at her job for 3 1/2 years. She sees others get promoted and keeps getting passed over. It’s not her style to be the “squeaky wheel.” But she has no trouble complaining to her friends and co-workers about her situation. By her own admission, she lacks the confidence she needs to approach management to find out what it would take for her to get the next promotion.

Alignment into Action

One way Sandra might manage this is to uncover what her deep-seated beliefs and fears are. What drives her lack of confidence? What stories or judgments does she have in place that occur for her as a locked-in-stone reality? Then we’d go about dismantling those beliefs. We’d reconstruct new beliefs to support her confidence and her worthiness. We’d support all this with energy work. Once she has anchored in these new practices and beliefs, Sandra would be in alignment with (a vibrational match to) her goals. She would begin to show up in new ways. She would be perceived as more empowered. Sandra would soon be inspired to new actions. A promotion is on its way.

Action into Alignment

Let’s take the example of finding actions that will cause her to feel aligned with her goals and desires. Using the same example of Sandra, she desires a promotion and a raise in salary. Sandra is still a bit low key. As my client, I ask Sandra what she thinks the logical next action step would be for her to bump up her confidence level. (Underlying all of her poor manifesting is her low expectation, and belief she’s not good enough.)

We brainstorm some ideas that bring in more vitality, fun, and occasions to feel more confident and worthy. I’d instruct her to make a game of it, be curious, amused and interested to see what happens. Some examples are: for Sandra to go to a social dance club and ask people she doesn’t know to dance. Another might be to take a martial arts class and feel the power in her body. Still another could be to engage one complete stranger in casual conversation every day. That could be at the coffee shop, the bookstore, the deli counter, at the elevator, or the grocery store.

Sandra would intend to take actions that boost her confidence and she’d watch for evidence that she’s being well received. Can you see how this action would help you move into greater alignment with confidence?

Attraction in Action

In either case action first or alignment first, Sandra starts to show up interested, curious, amused. She starts thinking outside the box. Shares her insights. She’s articulate, lively, confident. Now she’s attracting big time! People notice. Her requests are clear and direct. She’s feels empowered to contribute her insights. Her boss notices these traits as valuable contributions. The next logical (and aligned) step for Sandra is to ask for the promotion. (This or something better).

Sandra has been investing in herself with coaching. She knows her goals and desires are in the deliberate creation vortex. If this promotion doesn’t come from her current employer, it will come from an even better situation.

Either way you slice it you must be a match on the inside before it can show up (sustainably) on the outside. You can’t fool mother nature, you can’t fool the universe. It’s not responding to your words but to your energy.

What are you transmitting?

As humans, our journey runs on two tracks. The emotional (energetic) track and the action track. Find your alignment by the inner work or the outer work. Make your work your play and you’ll have a much happier time of it. As one of the great teachers of Deliberate Creation, Abraham-Hicks says: “There’s never a happy ending to an unhappy journey.”

Have fun with it.

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