It has been said that what you focus on expands. This is very true, yet there is one critical element to focus – it is your choice what you focus on. You can consciously choose to focus on those things that do not serve you and do not add value to your life – like scarcity, lack and not enough. Or, you can choose to deliberately focus on the things that you desire and want to see expand in your life – like prosperity, health and wealth.

Because of our past conditioning, we all have had an unfair advantage. This was our beginning, and though we may not have had much choice about our beginnings, we certainly have a say in how we live our lives from now on. We can choose to stay in the lack mindedness and live a mediocre life, or we can choose to change the story we are telling ourselves and others. We can turn the page and begin with a brand new clean page – one where we consciously and mindfully write our own script of what we truly wish to be, to do and to have.

When you change your script, your life story begins to change; then your reality becomes your script. Instead of living a life dictated by your external circumstances, you have the power to choose to create your external circumstances. Decide what you want your life to look and feel like; then fully live into that decision. Don’t just do it for one or two days and give up – you are giving up on your life and yourself. Your Divine Source did not create you to wallow in lack and limitation, but to have an abundant, creative and prosperous life according to your divine gifts and talents. And yes, you do have divine gifts and talents! If you are breathing, then you have divine gifts and talents. But just as you take your breathing for granted, you most likely take your divine gifts and talents for granted as well. It is time to re-discover and re-connect to your divine self.

First, you must stop from all of the busyness of day to day existing. Then, you must consciously and intentionally breathe. When you consciously breathe, it brings you back to this present moment allowing you to access your inner divine wisdom – that is where all of your answers reside. Third, you must ask yourself the BE/DO/HAVE Questions:
Who am I?
What am I here to do?
What is it I truly desire?

Then, wait for the answers – they will come. Don’t force it; just wait. Deliberately focus all of your energy and attention on the answers when they come because that is your life’s purpose. These are the answers every major decision for your life is based on. Deliberately choose to focus on your life’s purpose and life won’t be nearly as difficult or limiting.

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As a Spiritual Animator, Author and Advocate, Carolyn Townes has been teaching, coaching and facilitating workshops for over a decade in the areas of women’s wellness. Founder of Spirit Women Institute and creator of The 7 Spiritual Practices to Purposeful Manifestation, she is dedicated to empowering and encouraging women to lead lives of peace, presence and prosperity, as they journey through difficult life transitions. Learn much more about Carolyn’s mission at