For many educators teaching is an art, and once we they step into the classroom, teaching students to become their first priority, and everything else becomes secondary. To ensure the overall effectiveness of the lesson style of teaching and presentation skills are necessary. During the delivery of lessons and classroom materials, factors such as overcoming anxiety, managing classrooms, and handling questions also become a part of the job.

Teaching styles
Primary teachers have to work with the little learners so they’ve to make sure the lessons are engaging and grab the attention of the little learners. Generally, they choose one of the three styles as the directing style which encourages learning through listening and following directions, the discussing style which emphasizes learning through interaction, and the delegating style which encourages learning b means of empowerment. To know more about the teaching styles in detail, aspirants must undertake a primary teacher training course.

Presentation skills
The efficacy of a lesson depends a lot on how it is presented to the learners by the educators. It includes public-speaking skills, voice, diction, body language, posture, eye contact, how they move around the space, and their overall demeanor. In a nutshell, it’s the aura of the educators and what impact they create. Good presentation skills will keep students focused and make them attentive whereas bad presentation can mar the whole interest of the students present in the classroom.

Addition of humor and fun elements
Research demonstrates that students learn best when they laugh which means students become interested in those classes and lessons that have fun elements incorporated in it. Senior primary instructors realize the importance of fun elements in the classroom and know how to integrate them appropriately in various learning activities. From telling jokes or comedy to selecting sarcasm carefully instructors do a variety of things. They depend on their storytelling skills, presentation, pause, and tone to make the jokes even more interesting.

Brief jokes and comic asides when teaching takes away all the stress and monotony. They also help in fragmenting a lecture or rejuvenate the class if students feel drowsy or their attention is lagging. However, jokes, comedies, cartoons, and other uses of humor must be appropriate. To know more about the significance of humor in the classroom, opting for a primary teacher training course is a smart move.

Amount of content to be delivered
The efficacy of a lesson relies very much on how much content children can retain in their minds. On the other hand, teachers must make sure they don’t get monotonous or go over their heads. Experienced instructors at the primary level too much information can do more harm than anything good, hence they plan appropriate content amount.

Manage classroom
When imparting lessons, teachers are bound to come across learners occasionally who are interruptive or uncooperative. They bang chairs, make noises or unwanted remarks, neglect their commands, and even arrive late in class. But good teachers know the tricks to handle them tactfully and give them precise treatment which they deserve. They apply several general classroom management strategies which can prove to be useful across a variety of situations. They start class by explaining clearly about their expectations and remind the little learners to demonstrate suitable demeanor in all of their interactions, and ape that behavior for them. They also set the consequences and repercussions of violating rules and discipline and reprimand or berate them whenever necessary.

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Laxmon Gope is a freelance website writer who pens articles on the primary teacher training course. He writes mostly on academic subjects and has contributed to the publication of bulk website blogs & articles. Earlier he worked as an educator at an elementary level in a renowned private school.