Before anyone can advise you on what kind of parts to look for, it is important to understand what you’ll be using your dell laptop for. Are you a casual Internet user or a heavy gamer? Think about what you’d like to use your computer for, will you be purchasing the latest games; will you be creating your own website using Flash? After taking all of this into consideration, realize that an investment like a computer should last a while, so think about your future needs.
If you like a dell laptop which is optimized for something such as video editing, or super enhanced graphics, and you won’t be using it for that purpose, you’ll be wasting money, don’t buy it! Instead opt to buy a “value” line computer. Value line computers are good for checking email, surfing the net, and word processing. Similarly, there are “enthusiast” line (computers which are good for power-use tasks) and “gaming” line computers which serve accordingly.
Before you start purchasing, it is crucial for you to know your laptops compatibility and whether or not one product will work better than others, or if the product you have your eyes set on, will work at all in your machine. To ensure complete satisfaction, you can refer to your dell laptop’s manual and see what kind of specs it has. Most of the time, it’ll have some sort of compatibility section as well. If it doesn’t, you can refer to their website and speak to a representative directly, or if you choose to do your own research, there is a plethora of pertinent information for each line of product which is sold.
There are several different places where you can purchase certain dell parts to meet your needs. Before going on your shopping spree, it’s important to compare and contrast different parts which may look very similar, but serve different purposes or may have different capabilities. If the dell part you’re looking for is generic you can purchase it from any online computer store as well any physical computer store (granted that they have it in stock).
For more specific dell parts, you have to search a little bit more. The best place to look is always the manufacturer. You can go to their websites and see if they give the option of buying individual parts. Due to the uniqueness and function of a particular product, price can range widely (especially if you’re purchasing the product from the manufacturer).
A third place to look while purchasing is wholesale, auction, and consumer-driven sites (eBay, Amazon, etc). Sometimes, it is difficult to find products in the most obvious places. eBay is a great example of how someone’s trash can be your treasure. It may just so happen that person X is wanting to get rid of the very product you have been searching for. Since people who sell on eBay are generally not salesmen by profession, odds are that you can catch a pretty good deal. The secret lies in doing your research.

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