Written by: Gail Sophia Edgell

Experts are all around you. They are in the bakery, in the grocery store and the hardware store. So why is it ok for them to “stand” as an expert in their field, but not you? Mindset plays such as large role in whether you are successful in business. As part of your strategic marketing it is imperative that you know you are the expert in your field.

Yes, there are always going to be people that know more than you on a particular subject, but remember you may have a different way of explaining things that actually reach more people and you most likely have an area of expertise the other expert does not possess.

Why do you need to declare yourself an expert? Just put it this way, if you are having chest pain would you rather go to a cardiologist or your family doctor. Hopefully, you would pick the professional that has the specialty. It is exactly the same for your business. Whether you are a coach, doctor, consultant, therapist, trainer, etc. people want to go to professionals that have an expertise in that particular area.

Another great example of this is in personal training. If you are a woman over 50 going through menopause would you rather go to someone who specializes with this population or go to a trainer that is a generalist? You pick.

This will not only shift your business, but it will also shift your mindset. Once you believe you are good at something, particularly in your field, it shifts your energy. You are more confident and guess what, others will see this and doors will begin to open. You may be asked to speak on your area of expertise, write an article, etc. You never know.

So many are afraid this will back them into a corner of their business, when in reality, it does the opposite. It grows your business. If a prospective client calls you that is not in your area of expertise, it is up to you whether you take them as a client. Do you feel qualified? Stating your expertise helps to narrow your focus and your marketing dollars.

Declare it at the top of the mountain, that you are the expert in your field. It will not only attract clients, but also increase profits. So the next time you are at a networking event, know who you are and be proud of it.

Author's Bio: 

Gail Sophia Edgell – I always loved health and wellness. In fact, when I was in college I was one of the very few women who spent hours in the free weight area of the fitness center. As I continued to study Exercise Physiology, I immersed myself even deeper into the wellness field. Over the years, I even was an amateur boxer and fitness competitor for several years.

So, what have I done the last 20 years? I have implemented hundreds of corporate wellness initiatives in Fortune 500 companies and started the largest personal training and corporate wellness consulting practice in my county over 12 years ago. Today, I am the owner of 360Menopause.com and co-host of ‘Magnificent Menopause and Beyond’ Blog Talk Radio show. She is the co-author of Mastering Your Wellness Business and the menopause book series, ‘What the Hell is Happening to Me?’

In all of this experience, one thing remains very evident to me. Consumers are not being given all of their options. One of the reasons why this is occurring is because the alternative and integrative medicine worlds are not getting the exposure they need for it to be on the forefront of consumer minds.

That is exactly why Traci and I started our newest venture which serves you, the professional. Our goal is to have the alternative medicine world be the new conventional world in less than 10 years. The only way we can do that is to assist you in building strong practices through business skills development, mindset and exposure.