Denial blocks us from our true selves. It even blocks us from hearing Divine Guidance. If you are on the path of God Realization or enlightenment, it also blocks us from receiving these wondrous gifts.

A classic example of how we deny the truth from ourselves is when we begin dating. From the first date there are "tells" or signs that he or she is not the best choice (an alcoholic, abusive, disrespectful or down right stingy.) The problem is that we are reaching way out there hoping that someone will love us. We will accept almost any treatment for the minutest amount of attention. When we deny the truth from ourselves we miss the red flags. We are given signals from the beginning, like the man who sits at the table with his date in a restaurant for 30 minutes not touching the meal tab. If a man does not pick up the tab, will you continue to date him? Are you aware of what he is showing you?

When we love ourselves unconditionally we recognize when someone is giving us signals of negative behavior (red flags) we move away. Being awake enough to notice the signs is key. Instead of making excuses for bad behavior, cut then loose. Do not waste time eliminating someone who is not going to be good for you. When God closes a door, a window opens. There are many other fish in the sea. Politely and kindly tell your date, "Thank you but I don't feel this is the right situation for me."

Lear to trust yourself by acting on what you are feeling. If you have been out with a man/woman and from the time you accepted the date your stomach began to churn, trust your feelings. Your body will never lie to you. The more you act on those feelings the deeper your trust of your instinct or guidance becomes.

Being able to make a decision after one date allows you to move on before getting your heart involved or wasting too much time with someone that is not a good candidate for you. It is only fair to let your date know early on that it will not work out for you. Some may have a difficult time "rejecting" someone in person. If you have a difficult time saying this in person it might be easier for you to let them know over the phone if they call you back. Be kind, and honest. "I think you are a very nice person, I just don't feel this is right for me." Treat your date the way you want to be treated. Remember whatever you do will come back to you whether it is positive or negative.

When someone is stingy with their money, they will also be stingy with their love. Are you willing to continue to date someone that you know will hold out on you, perhaps not have sex with you because he does not want to give to you in any way. My dear friend WIlliam Dargin always says, "When someone shows you who they are, trust that." When we are in denial we explain other people's behavior away. Like saying that you are okay with going dutch on the first date. What happens when you get to date two, or three and he still refuses to pick up the tab? Will you believe that he is showing you his true colors then? Or will you have to be shown after a year of marriage when he says he does not want to pay for the mortgage or have sex with you any more? Money and sex go together like bread and honey, or pancakes and syrup.

Generous In Spirit Generous With Love

If someone is not willing to pay for your drink or meal on a date, they are showing you they are not willing. They hesitate to give of themselves in ANY WAY. Buyer BEWARE!

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a mystic, clinical hynotherapist, certified relationship coach, Akashic Records consultant and powerful energy healer. Jennifer is here at this time to be a catalyst for change in people's lives. Just sitting next to Jennifer brings up your issues to be healed.

Dealing with her own trauma and abuse from childhood allowed her to transform her life. She now empowers others to heal through her books and workshops. Her book, Odyssey Victim to Victory is a channeled inspirational and transformational transmission of healing.