Dental surgery can be explained as any medical procedure involved in the surgery of teeth or jawbones. It can be done to fill cracked teeth, to remove bad teeth, to fix artificial teeth or to even fix teeth braces. The above reasons are caused by several factors some of which include; Poor eating habits and health maintenance leading to tooth decay and other related teeth and oral complications, accidents or eating of hard foods resulting to the breaking of teeth and being born with teeth crooked teeth hence doing surgery to fix them.

Using braces is a tradition that was adopted from early times. Braces are composed of brackets, bonding material, arch wire and the ligature elastic each with its own functions in teeth alignment. Braces are made of the metallic ring that gives teeth a constant pressure resulting in bone remodeling and rearranging of teeth in the desired positions. With the improvements in technology, one can find the perfect match to treat their oral problems. wonderful dental is a great website that can offer amazing help There exist several types of braces developed over time. They include;

  • Traditional metal wired- These are made of a stainless steel bracket and elastic ties that hold wires into the bracket.
  • Gold plated stainless steel- These are braces that are recommended for patients with an allergy to bare stainless steel or some people choose them for the gold coating.
  • Titanium braces-these resemble the nickel braces but they are lighter and more expensive. Often preferred for those with an allergy for nickel.

Surgery might be as a result of accidents but some occur due to bad living habits. Dental surgery can be prevented by maintaining proper oral health through the following ways.

  1. Brushing the teeth daily- This is a common phrase used by a lot of people. From teachers, dentists or even hung in big billboards. Rushing one’s teeth at least twice every day is a simple routine that can help prevent complicated procedures like dental surgery.
  2. Visiting the dentist- Many assume this but it is always advisable once in a while to go visit the dentist to have teeth cleaning, checking or even getting the right toothpaste for one’s teeth.
  • Eating a balanced diet- A balanced diet involves eating foods that help the making of the full body. Proteins, carbohydrates and main calcium for the formation of strong bones. Eating sweet foods should also be done with precautions to avoid tooth decay and more. Foods such as sugarcanes should be eaten as they help in exercising the teeth.

Like any other procedure dental surgery has its associated advantages. Among the advantages of dental surgery include;

  1. Dental surgery help improve appearance- Dental surgery provide services like tooth implants, tooth alignment giving one a better appearance and increased confidence.
  2. Improved speech and comfort- Implants after becoming part of someone improve their comfort and help one’s speech since one talks without the fear of mumbling.
  3. Improved eating and improved oral health- When one undergoes surgery dentures are fixed and sliding during chewing avoided. Surgery also helps better distance between teeth which can result in an improved oral maintenance.

Dental surgery also has its disadvantages. Among them are;

  1. Cost- The cost of a dental implant is very costly and not many can afford even with critical dental complications.
  2. The surgery itself- Dental implants involve surgery which comes with some risk. After the surgery, there are side effects. Some include swelling, pain, and comfortability associated with implants and the administration of braces.
  3. Replacing the crown- Some surgeries include replacing the crown or putting new ones. After implants, the tooth crown has to be replaced after some time which is a costly process.
  4. Quality of implants- The quality of implants and services offered in a surgery vary with varying service to be offered. Finding the perfect place with the services one needs may be a hectic process. Professionalism is also key during surgeries.

Despite the disadvantages, dental surgery is a process that’s worth the risk if one has dental problems. It is a way of knowing new people, getting new experiences and a way of fixing one’s self-esteem when they find people with more complicated problems. Oral health is also key as one helps prevent any associated problems.

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