Although there have been vast changes in the methods of treating oral problems still there are millions of people across the world that suffer from the problem of tooth loss every year. The reason which at first instance, seems to be responsible for this problem is absence of knowledge about proper dental care and methods of cleaning the teeth. It is seen that there are lots of people who think that brushing the teeth twice a day is helpful in protecting them from any type of dental problem. And, therefore when it comes to cleaning the teeth, they not only make use of the brush with hard bristles but rub the gums of teeth hardly. This adversely weakens the roots of the gums and the teeth starts loosing its place quite early.

Well, the above mentioned incidence is just an illustration about the improper oral care due to which lots of persons are losing their teeth at an early age. But, sometimes due to an accident also a person might unfortunately loose his teeth. Anyhow, whatever the reason might be, there is a common problem which both these types of people face is decline in their confidence level. You can imagine yourself, how you will feel if suddenly you get any of your teeth broken due to any reason. Obviously you will hesitate in talking with everyone and might even stop going out and meeting people. It is the time when a person wishes to have the original teeth grown again, but as it is not possible the only feasible option left to them is either stay with the missing teeth or have the denture (an artificial teeth) placed at the place of missing teeth.

Interestingly, there are lots of people who prefer to go for making use of denture at the place of their missing teeth. Although, use of denture is helpful in getting the tooth placed at the place from where they have lost their original teeth, but denture has its own limitations. The denture is only the replacement of a teeth but cannot work as an original teeth, you cannot eat any hard food with its help. Moving ahead as it is an artificial tooth if it is not developed properly it can easily recognized by the person sitting in front of your, which could be more embarrassing for you.

Going through all these problems the practice of dental tooth implant has gained huge popularity across the world in recent years. The process involves the replacement of tooth root and placing of permanent teeth that is more like a natural teeth and facilitates the person to eat different sort of stuffs without any concern. An appreciating factor about dental implant is that the teeth implanted is similar to natural teeth and do not let anyone know about it. Another worth mentioning benefit of tooth implant is that it is helpful in making your speech clear and also helps in retaining the structure of your face also in the appropriate position.

One more interesting benefit associated with dental implant is that as it is similar to natural teeth you need not have to either remove them or soak them in water throughout the night for cleaning them. Nor you need to buy any special cleaner for cleaning them. The implanted teeth can be easily with regular dental cream that you use for cleaning your teeth. The only thing you need to keep in concern is regular check up the dentist to make sure about their placement and condition.

Finally the last but not the least today going through the vast technical developments and increase in the number of research about the treatment of oral problem s the cost of dental implant is within the reach of patients and therefore lots of patients now days are taking advantage of this treatment.

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Pujan Soni qualified with BDS with merit from University of Wales College of Medicine. He is the principal of Eastbourne Gentle Dental. Pujan’s high standards are met by listening to his patients and providing high quality dental care. He has a calm, friendly approach that patients really enjoy, feel at ease and confident when in his care.