Kids develop an irrational fear for dentists and that should not be the case. Sure, the equipment inside the dentist’s lab can be weird and new to them and there are the occasional pain from the procedures they receive. But, when kids know that their trips to the dentist are going to benefit them in the long run, their fear can somehow be eased.

Kids are prone to experiencing toothache because their teeth are still developing. Their love for sweets and irregular brushing of teeth most of the time lead to tooth decay. Parents would often let the baby teeth fall off or bring them to the dentist for bad tooth removal. But, aside from tooth extraction, there are lots of dental treatments that parents and kids should know about. In this list, we have listed them for you!

Dental Cleaning

More professionally known as prophylaxis, children can experience their first dental procedure through dental cleaning. This ensures overall health and cleanliness of kids’ teeth. This is a more thorough cleaning job that does better than regular brushing of teeth. In this procedure, plaque and tartar will be removed from the hard-to-reach areas of teeth.

Dental cleaning prevents cavities and gum diseases. Fluoride will be applied in the end to strengthen the weak areas of the teeth and protect them against decay and cavities.


Kids at a very young age fear the dentist because of this painful yet necessary procedure. While it mostly serves as the last resort for tooth decay, this is the safest and most trusted way of keeping the bad teeth from affecting the other good ones.


These thin, white plastic coatings that are applied to the surface of back teeth are effective in prevention of tooth decay. These ends of the teeth are most susceptible to cavities in children and teens. Sealants, together with fluoride, fight tooth decay. With proper maintenance, these will usually last for 5 to 10 years. Every dental visit, sealants will be checked to see whether they are still intact.


Kids’ mouth are still at their formative years and parents often wonder when is the best time for kids to get braces? Before the age of seven, overcrowded teeth or uneven spacing may happen inside their mouth. These imperfections can worsen over time which may result to confidence issues as well as speaking issues. Correcting them early may prove to be beneficial in the long-term.

According to orthodontists, adult teeth typically start to show the moment our kids reach the age of six or seven. This makes it an ideal time for their first orthodontic appointment. Usually at this phase, the dentist will study the structure of their mouth and the growth of their teeth. Also, this allows for early action to make necessary long-term treatment easier. Through this, future treatments are guided more effectively. While the age for getting braces may vary for everyone, starting at a young age is the most ideal.

Teaching kids about proper dental hygiene is good. It is better to introduce them to dental procedures at an early age to eradicate any irrational fear towards dentists. If anything else, parents should paint the images of dentists to kids as some sort of a friend who cares about the health of their teeth and mouth.  

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