This is all about DENTURES that nobody ever talks about…except me!


I became a denture wearer when I was about ten years old after my two front teeth were broken and knocked out by one of my “buddies” on the way to school one day. He threw something at me and I didn’t have time to duck out of the way – Crash! Two life changing broken front teeth, just like that!

From that time on (I’m now in my 80′s) I’ve worn a denture. First a partial, now a full upper denture. In short, it has not been fun at all. I’d love to go back and punch my “buddy” in the mouth and break his teeth so he’d know exactly what it is like to ALWAYS have to wear a denture! ( Just kidding of course, it was an accident after all…).

Well, that was a BIG change in my life. Changes happen. A change like this cannot be “changed.” I can’t go back and not have two broken teeth…I have to move ahead and make the best I can of the situation. If you have dentures, for whatever reason – you too have to accept them and move on with your life. You see, what I’ve learned to do since then is change my attitude about wearing a denture. For me, there is only one thing that is positive about wearing my denture: I look better with it in my mouth than I do with it out of my mouth! Just ask my wife…she’ll agree I’m sure.

So what is this website: “” all about? Why am I, at this late date in my life setting up a new website about dentures of all things? I’ll tell you why, it is because NOBODY EVER TALKS ABOUT DENTURES! That has to change! I have come to believe that this is wrong and needs to be changed…right now! As you may know Denture wearers are EVERYWHERE and we need to get together and talk about what it is like to have our lives changed by wearing one or more dentures for the rest of our lives.

As a denture wearer I’m sure you will agree with me when I say, when we became denture wearers it was and still is a major change in all of our lives.

There are many changes we have to contend with as denture wearers: eating chewing, smiling, speaking, kissing, food choice, attitude, friendships, self-esteem, and much more. They are all changes we could never have thought about or even anticipated before our natural teeth were removed. But…

…if – now – we will all join together and TALK about the changes and problems all denture wearers must face daily, I know we can help both each other and those other new denture wearers who are all around us every day. In short, we need to support each other as we learn to cope with and understand better the new kind of life style we are living now as modern wearers of dentures.

I have done an in-depth study of dentistry from the Stone Age to the present and I learned that some of the first dentures ever made were found in a very old graveyard of the Etruscans and they go back to more than 2,000 years ago. Of course those early dentures were quite primitive. They say only the rich people could afford dentures back then (same as now!). Of course, dentistry has come a long way since those first dentures were made. But even now, dentures are still not perfect, there is still a lot to be learned by dentists and denture wearers. New denture wearers still struggle with their dentures because they are such as radical change from the natural teeth that were a part of our bodies from childhood. All dentures are “appliances” which means they are quite unnatural to say the least.

Please don’t make me do all of the talking here because you are invited to join in and TALK to me and others – right here – about your feelings and experiences with your dentures.

My general plan for “” is to make this a place where we can all speak our minds about dentures.

I’ve noticed that my dentist has given me lots of instructions about how to wear my dentures. That is all well and good, but he does not wear a denture himself! So what on earth gives him the authority or right to tell me how to wear and feel about my dentures? My dentures are the ones I have to put up with every day and night of my life and it isn’t easy!

As wearers of dentures we need to speak up and speak out loud and clear! Why? If for no other reason than to help the others around us who – because of accident or personal neglect of their natural teeth they may soon trade them for dentures and a radical change in their lives. So speak up and tell them what your advice is for them when they become denture wearers!

(To Be Continued)

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Terry L. Weber

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