Denver is the city located in the Kansas state of the America. The state is famous all over the America due to the deposits of gold it once have. In 1850 Denver was in famous city with a very few and scattered population. In other words it can be said that it was disconnected from the outer world. Gold seekers use to come there in hope of finding gold, but after getting disappointed used to move away to other cities. In 1958 Green Russell and Sam Bates came the in the city of Denver with the same dream. After few days they found out a placer deposit of gold which yielded 600 above grams of gold. It was the first deposit found in the territory on Denver. Soon its news spread out and people from all over the America started to come to Denver in hope of finding Gold. In few years the population of Denver due to the gold seekers became 100,000.

In 1858, General William Larimer,in order to obtain benefits from the Governor of Kansas, made efforts to name the city after him. Soon the city was named as Denver, but William failed to achieve what he was trying to. Because he was unaware of the fact that Governor James W. Denver has resigned from his post. At that time it was expected that soon the city of Denver will be turned into a ghost town as the reserves of gold were very poor and small in nature. But in 1959 rich gold deposits were discovered in the west of Denver which makes the city alive once again. In 1865 Denver city shortened its name to Denver and in 1881 through nationwide voting it was declared as the permanent state capital.The aura or period of 1870-1900 was very important for the city of Denver. During that period the city became the hub of sin and silver. In 1880 silver was discovered in the mountains due to which Denver became the house of minors once again.

Denver made progress by leaps and bounds during the period of 1870-90, the manufacturing output of Denver at that time rose from 600,000 to $40 million and its population increases 30 times of the original due to which it became the 26th largest city of United States. With the increase in population and output the number of crimes also increased in the city. Crib girls and underworld Dons took over the city and turned the city into the houses of casinos and lust. Visitors after making their nights colorful used to leave the town during the day.Music halls were the only means of legitimate enjoyment. At that time numerous music halls were built but unfortunately most of themdid not last very long. The first opera was performed in the Hall of Denver Theater.Now Denver is a big city which has its own importance. Denver played an important role in uplifting the American economy through the reserves of gold and silver due to which its importance cannot be neglected.

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