Koinbazar, India's most trusted cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange platform is really excited to announce that every user from India will be able to deposit the fiat currencies (INR) instantly by linking any type of bank accounts in India. With our innovative technology and advanced payment methods, we will be processing the free of cost for INR deposits. With this feature, you can manage and transfer funds from your banks into the Koinbazar's account efficiently by using NEFT/RTGS, IMPS, as well as with the QR code.

Are you thinking about how to deposit INR and trade ETH? Here's a step-by-step process mentioned below are as follows.


Vist Koinbazar.


If you are "New" to Koinbazar, select "Sign-up" on the top right corner of the page and create your account. If you have registered already, select "Sign-in" and login to your account.


Choose "My account" on the top right corner of the page once you have logged in.


Under the "My Account" section, fill-up your basic details and click "Save".


Once you complete the basic details, select "KYC verification". Update the information which has been requested in the KYC verifcation section and click the "Save" button.


Choose the "Bank details", update the requested information and click "Submit". Once the admin reviewed and approved your KYC & Bank details, you can proceed with further steps.


Select the drop-down icon on the right corner top of the menu, choose "Assets".


Under the "Assets" section, select "Deposit" and Choose a "Fiat" option.


After that, select the type of deposits (QR code or manual) from the drop-down list that you prefer and update the details as requested in the section. Once the admin reviewed it, your funds will be transferred to your wallet.

STEP 10:

Now, go to the home page and choose "Trade".

STEP 11:

On the trading page, click "Select Market" and Choose "INR".

STEP 12:

Under the "INR" market, select the crypto pairs that you want.

For Example: Let's take ETH to INR pair

STEP 13:

On the bottom of the page, choose the required order type, order value, and start your crypto trading.

Now on Koinbazar, you will be easily able to deposit your fiat (INR) currencies in seconds by linking your bank account and gain a smooth trading experience.

Author's Bio: 

I am James Irvin, working as a technical content writer with having more than 3 years of experience.