Depression: Are Women More Depressed?

Depression is a serious mental disorder that makes the patient lose interest in the activities they like. These people live sad and stressed life. It goes beyond the episodes of anxiety or bad mood. Depression is rather a chronic mental illness that can lead to deaths from suicide if left untreated. Identifying the signs of depression is pretty challenging, as most people misdiagnose their symptoms. Others do not bother to seek professional help either because they don’t want to reveal their condition to anyone or they don’t understand the symptoms.

Women are twice as likely to develop depression as their male counterparts. The condition is mainly linked to hormonal changes in women, but hormonal imbalance is not the only risk factor. Genetics, excessive stress, existing mental conditions, or life circumstances can lead to depression. For example, work overload, losing a loved one, breakups, and physical or emotional abuse can take a toll on your mental health. Let’s see why it’s more likely to affect women.

Hormonal Changes

Regular or occasional mood swings in women who reach puberty are pretty normal. These hormonal changes alone do not cause depression, but the chances of getting depression are higher when they are combined with other risk factors. For example, physical abuse, strict parents, high expectations, and emerging sexuality can put women at higher risk of developing this mental health disorder.

The hormonal changes are mostly observed in pre-menstrual women, pregnant women, and those who are about to reach menopause. The dramatic changes in your mood combined with relationship problems, lack of support, miscarriage, and infertility can increase the risk of mental diseases.

Social Factors

Though the modern generation gives women the rights they deserve, there are still people who treat women as sensitive and delicate beings. The discriminatory behavior is observed at workplaces, communities, local gatherings, and homes. Domestic violence, social and physical abuse, emotional trauma are a few risk factors that make women more prone to depression than men.

The inequality and discriminatory behavior lower the women’s self-esteem, thus increasing their risk of getting depression.

Differences in the Coping Mechanism

Both men and women follow a different approach to life problems. While men are highly likely to distract themselves from the issue, women are extremely sensitive and can get emotional easily. Men also face stressors, but their coping mechanism is stronger and better than that of a woman.

Symptoms and Treatment

● Changes in appetite
● Losing interest in activities you used to enjoy
● Not being able to carry out daily tasks
● Lack of energy and enthusiasm
● Abnormal sleep patterns
● Helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness
● Hallucinations
● Paranoia
● Episodes of anxiety
● Wanting to stay in isolation

Fortunately, treatment for depression and bipolar disorder is given at many rehabilitation centers in Pune. If you experience any symptoms of depression, visit the rehab center immediately and discuss your mental health with a practitioner. Depression is treated easily when it is identified at early stages.

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