Depression help... Let us assume that you know for a fact that you really are suffering from this awful illness and now need to find a way to be cured or at least feel better. You can help yourself and you can get outside help.

If you have people that you live with or are in regular contact with, a spouse, a live in lover, grown up children, close friends and people you have known for a long time and trust then you should be able to confide in them without them finding it too difficult to understand. Tell them that you are ill, that you need to rest and need some time to recover.

If you feel too ill to function as you used to then explain it is not because you are being difficult or choice it is because of the illness. You may also find it helpful to see a physican who might be able to point you towards a good professional for a talking therapy or give you medication to alleviate the symptoms and lift your mood but if he does do give it about six weeks before you feel you are climbing out of that deep dark hole. You will need to be patient but you will get better, remind yourself of that every day. If you hate taking prescription drugs then try something simple like vitamins or herbs which can be prescribed or you can do some research online and go for what you think fits how you feel. So long as you do not take large doses it will either help or have no effect at all.

Exercise and physical exertion is supposedly good for feeling better because it gets your metabolism working but do it gently and do not rush things. Try to avoid things like laying in bed for hours because you feel so low or avoiding people because you are not very chatty. The more you stay within your normal lifestyle and do the things you can and enjoy the better for you in the long run. You can read up a lot more about this and other similar subjects such as anxiety at where experts have given advice which is free to all.

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