Depression takes a vacation! Depression is the simplest mental illness to stop, pause, alleviate, but day after day, in hospitals across the country, doctors still try to cure depression without patients realizing the relief they have available for free . Some cases of severe and deep depression may require medication and long-term therapy, but some mild depressions and common sadness can be stopped by causing the person to take action. Imagine that every depressed person knew, learned, and remembered that a person cannot remain depressed if they are acting continuously, so perhaps thousands or millions of patients would start acting in their own lives. Society is so dependent on drugs and the healing that comes only from drugs and surgery, that society is reluctant to hear what is the truth about depression and what could alleviate it. I'm not saying that some people don't need drugs. But I'm saying that in some cases where there is mild depression, that taking action, being active, being creative alleviates that depression, even if it's only temporary. One can continue to take that depression-relieving action, probably the same way one takes pills and prescriptions. Too many people take prescription medications for depression and then don't take action in their own lives. You cannot alleviate depression by taking drugs and then taking no action. Being depressed requires that you stay still, that you fall asleep, that you stay in one place, that you don't have creativity, that you don't want to do anything in your life. Then there is a mild depression which is a situation in which the person is active and remains active to combat his depression and as long as the person is active in his life the depression disappears, it comes second to everything else.

Get to work! Think about this in your own life. Whether you have been depressed or not, there have been times in your life when you have simply been too busy to become depressed. He just didn't have time to be depressed or to know that he was or should be depressed. (Some people's lives are filled with so many traumas and tragedies that it makes sense for them to be depressed. That would be the normal reaction of anyone. However, in some people's lives, they are simply too busy to feel or act depressed. So, therefore, action of some kind can and prevents external signs of depression, even if one is depressed within (in their minds). There was a joke about old mother Hubbard living in a shoe. Someone saw all kids running everywhere and in and out of the house. It looked like chaos. They asked her why she hadn't had a nervous breakdown for all the work she had to do. She replied that she was just too busy. And that's very true We are sad, sad like those who lie in bed all day and all night, except that we are simply too busy to keep the depression in our bodies.

You can be active and still depressed! Then there are times when you're just depressed and trying to act, and yet you stay depressed even while you're active. Most people "stop doing it" and go back to inaction. However, if you just stay in action, stay active, EVEN if you still feel depressed while being active, your activity will soon gain depression. The key is to be determined and stay active. Think about it. The most depressed people sit still or stay in bed all day and all night. If they could move, take a few steps, get out of bed, go for a walk, and if they could convince themselves to do this every day or several times a day, their action would eventually win out over their inaction.

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Depression is actually a type of extreme sadness, feelings of disconnection from life