Do you feel uncomfortable about showing your face in public because of an ugly scar or because of unsightly acne marks? Dermabrasion is a surgical option that could improve these marks for you, making you feel more happy and confident with your appearance. In fact, this procedure is great for scar, acne and wrinkle removal. It can be performed alone or along with other plastic surgery modalities such as a facelift, chemical peeling, and scar revision or removal.

Facial Improvement through Controlled Surgical Scraping

The method used in dermabrasion is controlled surgical scraping. By means of abrasion using a special instrument, superficial skin is removed and irregularities improved. The greater the area of skin that needs to be treated, the longer would be the time required for the procedure. That means dermabrasion might take just a couple of minutes or it might take close to two hours.

Points to be Considered

Before considering a dermabrasion procedure, certain points need to be discussed between the patient and the surgeon. These include:

• The patient’s expectations
• Whether or not the treatment would suit the patient’s skin
• Any medication the patient would have to avoid ahead of the surgery
• The patient’s medical history and age
• Possible side effects

Minimize the Side Effects by Choosing the Right Doctor

Short term side-effects associated with the dermabrasion procedure include redness, scarring, swelling, and permanent skin darkening caused by sun exposure following surgery, and hyperpigmentation of the treated area. Whiteheads may develop and may have to be removed by the surgeon if they cannot be removed through other means. However, if the patient selects a good plastic surgeon and takes seriously the advice put forth by him or her, the risks can be lessened.

Apart from making scars, wrinkles, and acne look better, dermabrasion effectively treats skin complaints such as keratoses, sun damage, age spots and pigmentation.

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Dermabrasion: Dr. Spero Theodorou is an experienced Manhattan plastic surgeon, who specializes in dermabrasion for scars, acne and wrinkles. A highly committed and professional plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Spero Theodorou can work wonders on your face, giving you the desired look.