Dermatitis treatment with Elidel cream

Dermatisis is a general condition which affects the skin and appears as an irritation or an inflammation. Altough it is not contagious, it is very uncomfortable, as it involves itchiness, swollen, reddened skin, and sometimes even pain.
There are several types of dermatisis, which include:
- Atopic dermatisis (also called eczema). It usually develops during infancy and its symptoms are dry and itchy skin. Caused by bacteria or environmental setting.
- Contact dermatisis. It happens when you get an allergy after a substance gets in touch with your skin. The symptoms are burning or stinging skin rashes. The common factors which cause allergic reactions might include detergents or cosmetics.
- Dyshidrotic dermatisis. The parts of the body usually affected are the hands and feet. Caused by poor circulation.
- Seborrheic dermatisis. It usually occurs with head scalp, including patches, red skin and dandruff. Caused by some bacteria in the oild glands.
It is recommended to see a doctor as soon as your symptoms include painful skin, low concentration in your daily routine, trouble sleeping, or worries that symptoms won’t go away or might persist.
In order to get a dermatisis diagnostic, the doctor might do a skin patch test (to detect eventual allergies), or a skin biopsy (removing a skin sample to be analyzed under the microscope).
As treatment options, the dermatologist might recommend medications to reduce the allergies and itchiness, like topical lotions and creams, or oatmeal baths. If an infection has occured, it might prescribe you antibiotics or antifungal medication. Suppliments like vitamin D or probiotics can also help into reducing the symptoms.
Elidel is a cream used for eczema or severe dermatisis. It should be applied only on the affected areas, and it is not for other parts of the body like the eyes, nose or mouth. Its purpose is to lower the blood cells which cause infections and calm the skin. Elidel cream must be applied on the clean dry skin into a thin layer, further rubbed gently. After being applied, do not cover with a bandage, because you want the cream to be naturally absorbed by the skin. During the treatment, avoid drinking or sun exposure, which might make your skin look redder. It is not recommended for skin cancer, skin infections, or if you are allergic to Pimecrolimus. The skin should improve after 6 weeks of treatment. Elidel cream should be used only following the doctor’s prescription.

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