Are you stuck on picking the right color for your kitchen cabinets? You’re not alone; many homeowners are always indecisive about picking a color for their cabinets. With many options available, it is perfectly normal to want to explore before deciding.

One of the presented options is light grey. Installing light grey stained kitchen cabinets is a possible decision that you can make after knowing its pros and cons. Therefore, we’ll highlight the pros and cons to help you decide if they are perfect for you.
The pros

Provides minimalist luxury

Cool simplicity is a defining aspect of modern décor that homeowners are trying to achieve. New homeowners have a chance of starting with a minimalist luxurious style in the kitchen. A simple installation of light grey stained kitchen cabinets can do the magic. Grey has an air of simplicity that makes it popular. Just like white, grey brings the best of luxury to a home.

Creates a relaxing feeling

Grey has a calming effect that brings relaxation in the kitchen. You want a kitchen that you don’t feel tense when you are in. You can choose varied shades of grey with the light option providing the best airy feeling.

However, you might want to balance it with some exciting color patterns to make it lively.

Shade for every mood

There are different shades of grey that you can explore in the kitchen. All the different shades bring out different moods in the kitchen. Lighter shades are great for creating a welcoming mood in the kitchen.

The cons

Just before you decide, you should also consider the following cons:

Creates a dull mood

According to psychology, grey creates dullness in the kitchen. If you are not careful about it, you will end up with a boring kitchen. Choosing light grey stained kitchen cabinets is the first step to avoiding dullness in the kitchen. Darker grey colors are boring if they are not complemented with exciting color schemes.

Make kitchen feel smaller

Another reason why you should avoid grey is that it makes the kitchen feel smaller than it is. But this is a drawback mainly associated with the dark grey options. Choosing light grey stained kitchen cabinets might not make your kitchen feel smaller.

The verdict

With these pros and cons, you can comfortably decide if grey is a perfect color or not. However, you need to talk to an interior designer to help you match grey with other colors in the kitchen.

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