Just as we make our clothes to a specific design, we make furniture that satisfies some criteria. In this way, we make beds, dining tables and designer sofas. Most people buy their furniture at readymade marts that stock various furniture pieces in different sizes. So, there is no scope for innovations or manipulations with design.

Designer sofas for specific people

If you want Modern Designer Sofas, you can order them to the size you want and in the model that you prefer. You can increase the width of the sofa or add more cushion space. If you like you can round off the arms for a more comfortable feeling. It is true that you can get sofas with these specific features but when you make by yourself, you can have it customized to your height and width. If you are fat, you can have a wide sofa made or if you are short, you can cut the size of the sofa to suit you.

Some people like a sofa they sink into. It has lots of soft cushioning and when one sits there, it depresses so much that you get engulfed inside the sofa material. Others like it firm, they like to stay steady when they sit and hate it when they drop into a bottomless sofa. Here the cushion is only a few inches thick and it is made from hard foam or spring. So, one gets good support when one sits in this.

Carved Designer sofa

A Carved Sofa Set is unique in its appearance. It has a carved framework that is specially made for that sofa. Also, you see many embellishments by way of cushions and embroidery. You will see that this is much different from the ordinary sofa set. In fact, it is a designer sofa in a way because we have to have it made according to a specific pattern. We can make this to be a two-seater or a three-seater. If you want more seating space, then you must choose a sectional sofa or a Chaise Longue or a Chesterfield.

Different types of sofas

Sofas help you feel at home. So, if you have a guest, you give them the sofa to sit on. It helps them to relax and you get a good atmosphere for chatting. Sofas fit in anywhere. You can put it in the hall or take it to the living room. It serves its purpose anywhere it is. Here are some refinements in the various models available in sofas.

Rounded wedge arm sofa - It differs from the classic square arm sofa or a round sofa in the way its arms project out with a rounded edge. It helps you define your sofa in a more specific way.

Sloped arm sofa - This has sloping arms that give it a distinct appearance. It is more comfortable and elegant looking than a conventional sofa.

Sofa with no arms - Sofas with no arms are easy to slip into and so it is placed where you need good access and mobility like for viewing the television.

Sofas are a modern amenity. We can make them to fit into any decor by suitably modifying its style.

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Sai Furniture Art” was laid in the year 2004, as a thriving company involved in manufacturing and distributing huge collection of Modern and Luxury Furniture. The company has shown remarkable progress in terms of quality as well as quantity of the sofa furniture offered by it. Moreover, the leadership and guidance of our CEO Mr. O. P. Bajaj has helped us to establish ourselves firmly among the leading sofa set manufacturing companies based at New Delhi, India.