How to use Feng Shui to create a private sanctuary and renew your soul

There are 7 key design components to incorporate in your room décor in order to soothe the mind, body and soul.

In traditional Chinese culture, a specific room, preferably towards the center of the home, is designated for prayerful meditation and thanksgiving. This is a wonderful concept that we can all benefit from, especially in this day in age when an overabundance of activities fills our day with little time left for spiritual renewal.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the home is an extension of our body, our well-being, and our livelihood. With that in mind, it behooves us to take note of our immediate surroundings and determine if the elements, materials, symbols, colors, sounds and smells are conducive of living holistically. Many times we strictly look for esthetics when it comes to decorating our space and bypass the little things that can make a difference between feeling fragmented or whole.

Adequate Space:
If your home is large enough, then dedicate one room as your “sacred space” if possible in the Northeast sector of the home. In Feng Shui practice, this direction naturally resonates with the higher self, meditation and spiritual growth. When space is limited, consider setting up a portion of a room (NE sector) with items that hold deep meaning for you.

7 Key Principles:

Creating a space that will nurture the mind, body and soul is easy. Incorporate these 7 items into your space and feed the spirit that dwells within.

1. Sacred Objects: Place religious icons, spiritual books, CD’s or anything that represents spirituality to you.

2. Incense and Candles: The scent generated from the incense represents a spiritual offering and will naturally elevate the energy within the space.

3. Natural Elements: Incorporating nature’s elements connects your energy with the energy of the Universe. Plants, rocks, and crystals are just a few examples that will augment this connection.

4. Water: Water is a source of nurturing, healing, and spiritual purification. A water fountain provides a sound quality that mimics nature and can uplift your spirit.

5. Life Force: Life force energy reminds us of the never-ending energy source in the Universe. It connects us to the infinite energy within our soul.

6. Color: Color is one of the most powerful elements within a space that can elevate energy while healing the mind, body and soul. Adding touches of purple will activate the 7th chakra, our highest energy or divine point.

7. Sacred Shapes of Geometry: Geometric shapes represent the stages of “Becoming.” It provides a direct access to the spiritual and material forces of creation. The ancient sages believed that by incorporating symbols of sacred geometry into the architecture would allow the soul to grow. A nautilus shell, sunflower, plants or any spiral design will naturally imbue the space with divine harmony.

Designating a space in your home for spiritual renewal is the quintessential ingredient behind “holistic living.” When we create a space with nature’s symbols and objects of deep meaning, we begin to nurture the self and our creativity in life. Spending time in this room will renew your soul and align the body to its natural spiritual essence.

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Mary Jane Kasliner is an expert in Feng Shui practice. She is the owner of Body Space Alignment, a feng shui and yoga company and Director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui. She is the author of several books and Design E-kit. For more information about Mary Jane visit her website -