The patients in the clinics spent most of the time in the waiting rooms. The doctors have started engaging designers and the architects from the top firms to create spaces which make patients and the other visitors comfortable and they appreciate you and value your time.

Here are some important suggestions that will set the waiting room of your clinic apart from the other clinics in your area.

  1. Better Layout: The better layout for the waiting room of any clinic is the one which offers a multitude of social experiences in one single room. There should be a proper arrangement for the professionals who look to do some work on their laptop. The patients and the kids along with them should be able to pass the time without disturbing others.
  2. Lighting: The lighting in the waiting room will set the mood of the patients and the visitors waiting in the waiting room of your clinic. There are a variety of lighting sources. You may select a blend of overhead, decorative and tabletop lights. But your emphasis should be more on bringing natural light into the waiting room that pleases the mood and keeps the air fresh. The views to the outdoors will for sure improve the overall feel of a space.
  3. Don’t Over Lit the Space: Remember the places over lit like a conventional office room doesn’t look soothing for the mind.
  4. Hospitable Furnishing: The hospitable furnishing will intensify the look of your clinic design and will make the waiting room of your office a comfortable place to sit. There is furniture available in the market for clinics in a variety of colors, styles and fabric. Also you can improve the wall with bioclad antimicrobial wall cladding. These options also support a branded look.
  5. Wi-Fi Facility: A blend of technology provided with the clinic design may prove a bigger investment for your clinic. Most of the clinics today offer Wi-Fi facility for easy plug into devices to use while waiting to see the doctor.
  6. TV Mounted on the Wall: It will make it easy for visitors to cut the time.
  7. Art work: The artwork is one other important feature that helps in distinguishing an environment from others. You can include some interesting photographs of the local landmarks. It is not necessary the artwork should be a budget buster, but it should be attractive enough to grab the attention.


You are a good doctor, we know that, but in today’s world, you can’t do too much without the proper branding of your health care. There may be hundreds of doctors in your locality, to remain ahead of the competition, unless you will create a strongly branded experience, the patients may decide against visiting your clinic.

The strongest branding experience leaves a good impression on the patients and in the future, they will keep coming back.

In the foreign countries, the doctors provide patients tablets which give them access to the info related to the health care. These facilities appeal the tech savvy patients and visitors.

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