Lately I've been diligently thinking about making a conscious effort to think and say only the things I want to really show up in my life. It isn't a difficult process. Challenging, well perhaps. It's similar to replacing a recipe with a new one for a favorite dish that's been used all of my life. Here is how it is done:

1. Write it Down. It helps to write down all the "good and wonderful" things that are important to you. These are the things you aim to achieve in this life’s journey.

2. Add a Visual. A corresponding picture sends a message to your conscious that you already have it. Writing the list and seeing the pictures gives you the mental connection.

3. Engage your Conscience. Begin sizing up all the contributing elements that will help you to make it happen.

It's sort of like when I'm designing a home. There are certain design elements I use to make a space work. With any interior design, each step must build on the previous step. There's an order of progression. I lay out the plan and focus on what works for the use of the space and won't be swayed by another enticing style or décor that simply doesn't work in the plan.

4. Design Within. Become more meticulous about the direction you take that impresses the space of your mind and heart. As the old adage, "Your are what you eat" goes, well, you become what you think about. Think on good things and design from the inside out.

5. Guard your Gatekeepers. You will become and draw to your most dominate thoughts. So with a conscious effort, don't allow your eyes, ears, or heart capture and focus on anything that works contrary to your life's design.

6. Watch your Words! The tongue is a powerful instrument that writes your life's direction with every word you speak! Say what you desire and mean what you say. Train yourself to speak ONLY your desired end result.

Your life is what you make it. You can't point fingers at anyone if things go awry. You only get one shot at life's design so endeavor to guard your heart with all diligence because out of it comes the issues of life.

Just like interior design, you must follow certain prescribed principles, map a plan, focus on where you're headed, speak your desired end all the time, and let nothing pull you off the path you've designed. You will then design life one layer at a time.

Author's Bio: 

Deana O. Murphy is an author, speaker, lifestyle designer, and adjunct instructor. Deana is founder of the Designing for Success Institute, helping people take their lives from chaos to order and discover peace, and the founder and CEO of LivingDesigns Unlimited, an internet interior design service provider.