EBooks are one of the most effective lead magnets. Millions of online marketers utilize EBooks to engage their target audience and drive traffic to their businesses or blogs. Over the years, creating an EBook has not been easy. However, today things are different.

You can create impactful EBooks in minutes. Designrr is one of the tools that have made it possible to produce “instant” EBooks. As a marketer, this is a tool you can find very useful. Keep reading to know more about Designrr.

What Is Designrr and Who Is It For?

Designrr is an “instant” EBook creator tool. The software is designed to you make powerful EBooks in minutes. I have been using this tool and I can say that it has some limitations. But it’s a great tool that solves many book writing problems so perfectly.

Designrr can be useful to any marketer, service professional, or business owner who’s looking to brand their business. You can use this software in producing books from videos almost instantly. Also, if you’re an online trainer, Designrr can help you add content to the course. And if you’re looking for a way to increase your subscriber list, you’re lucky. This tool will help you to create tempting offers to win more subscribers!

What Are The Key Features of Designrr?

Import Content

Designrr is a unique tool. This software makes it possible for its users to import just about any type of content. The best thing about this software is that you can even import content from pages that you don’t own. All you may need to do is seek permission from the content owner and you’re sure to go!

Free Movement Design

Designrr lets you enable the free movement design. That way, you can comfortably place anything you want on your pages. You might want to insert a picture or any other element on a specific position of your pages. Designrr helps you do that without causing any alignment issues on your content.

3-Dimensional Images

Designrr gives you an easy way of creating your 3D images, a feature that not many other similar tools offer. It’s very simple to do that. Hover over a particular project then clicks “3D” and there, you open the cover creator. A pop will appear with some nice style options such as flat style and hardback.

What Are Its Pros?

• Outstanding customer support
• Several Editing options
• Very flexible software – you determine how your EBook looks like thanks to the “Enable Free Element Dragging” feature.
• Very powerful tool – you can import even a huge blog post and will appear in seconds
• A selection of themes to choose from

What about the Cons?

• The UI is a little complex, especially for a beginner
• The software can be a bit buggy, particularly if you select so many items at the same time
• Very few exporting options with the lifetime deal.

However, it’s fine for making EBooks.

Designrr Pricing Options

Designrr is surely powerful software. It’s utilized by more than 10, 000 marketers, and bloggers and course creators across the world. The tool is developed by Paul Clifford. It comes in the following price options:

Lifetime Deal

It costs you $27. You’ll save a lot of time when creating books with this package. This package is good for you if you don’t plan to use it often.

Standard Plan

This is the next plan after the Lifetime Deal. It will cost you $29 per month. If you want the freedom to create unlimited projects, this package will suit you. It comes with 100 templates all for you.

Pro Plan

The plan costs you $39 per month. With it, you get 200 cover designs as well as 200 extra templates. You’ll also enjoy 3D cover production among other features.

Premium Plan

For $49 per month but comes with many more features, including 4 transcription hours per month. It’s a great tool for podcasters.

Business Plan

This is the best plan for YouTube creators, FB Live broadcasters, or Podcasters. The plan costs you $99 per month. It comes with 8 transcription hours and other great features.

Final Thought

Designrr is a worth software for any marketer, service professional, or a business owner. Depending on the package you subscribe to, you’ll enjoy various amazing features. That will enable you to take your project to the next level. And the best part is that Designrr is a cloud-based tool – no need to download or install anything. Just subscribe to get started!

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