What is Designrr?

Designrr is a cloud-based software program that’s designed to help users with content repurposing. The tool allows users to create different media products such as EBooks from scratch or existing content.

Since it’s a platform for repurposing content, it can help you to convert existing content into a beautifully-designed EBook. Content repurposing happens to be a method where one utilizes existing content in engaging readers on various social platforms.

When and Who Designed Designrr?

Designrr was launched into the market in 2016. It was developed by Paul Bannister, the CEO of PageOneTraffic. The company deals with the creation of tools aimed at optimizing productivity for marketers, content creators, and small owners.

Who can Use Designrr?

Anyone who wants to completely optimize and use their existing content for monetization purposes online can find Designrr useful. This software is for marketers or content creators who love to utilize a user-friendly tool.

What’s more, Designrr is suitable for people who are starting out and lack lots of money to spend on hiring professionals for content creation and repurposing.

The application is helping users to save hundreds of dollars, which could otherwise be spent on hiring transcribers, editors, designers, and other creators of contents.

Designrr can work for any individual who’s looking to market or establish their brand in the market as it will help to create quality content that will engage users.

What are Designrr Main Features?

Friendly UI: Designrr comes with an easy-to-use User Interface that works seamlessly without issues. In case you’re faced with any problem while using it, you can contact the support and will almost immediately reply to you.

Editing Capabilities: The software allows you access to a wide range of editing features to help you transform your content as per your taste. The good thing is that most of these features are also simple to use.

Lead Magnets: By using the unique features of this software, you can create highly engaging content that will help to convert users into buying customers.

A load of Templates: Designrr is equipped with lots of templates, which are fully optimized to allow direct use.
Video/Audio transcription: This feature is only available in the Premium and Business Plans. It’s one of the most unique features of Designrr. The feature allows you to transcript your video/audios files into text.

What are Designrr Plans?

Designrr comes with four professional and affordable plans that are developed to suit your unique needs. The plans include Business, Premium, Pro, and Standard. A special plan is developed for Agencies. The Pro and Standard Plans are best suited to people who only need a tool to repurpose their content.

However, the Business and Premium plans are recommended for users who are looking for something extra. These plans include video/audio transcription features.


You don’t have to incur lots of costs on hiring content creators to repurpose your existing content or transcribers to transcribe your video and audio files into text. Designrr is here for you. This tool is designed to suit everyone who’s looking for quality and engaging content. It’s affordable and user-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Well, pick a plan that suits your business best and enjoy the convenience.

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