The human mind is a very creative force and throughout history we have used this propensity to perceive new ideas, concepts and perspectives, as a means for survival by enhancing the quality and longevity of life. This ability to make creative decisions in life is truly a great gift that has brought humanity a long way in a relatively short period of time.

Unfortunately, this ability to think beyond given parameters can just as easily give rise to thoughts and impressions of a less than beneficial nature. Creatively enhanced perspectives of ourselves, others or even life itself, when infused with degrees of bias, irrational, insecurity, assumption and the emotional onus of past experiences, can not only skew the view of ourselves and others, but negativity impact the overall quality of life through consequential attitudes, actions or inactions.

For many of us, just realizing, much less facing and working through such imperfections of humanity can be a daunting task. The precept of sanity, or at least the appearance of it, drives most of us to attempt an ongoing and somewhat predictable understanding of ourselves, our environment and others, without a lot of second guessing. However, change is a constant in life and few things can be consistently predictable over time or in the ever-changing eye of experience.

Fortunately, your perceptions, ideas, attitudes, actions and reactions in and to life are some of the things that you can effectively alter or control with any long-term consistency and predictability, depending on desire and dedication. If you truly want a happier, more productive and positive long-term outlook on life, and to live more in-line with who you really are, know that you have a very powerful tool at your disposal; the aforementioned creativity of the human mind wrapped in one of the finest machines ever created by nature, the human brain.

This gift, when used properly, gives you the ability to think beyond emotional and intellectual status quos and the conviction to replace dubious perceptions and attitudes with more constructive, optimistic ones. In other words, you have within you the ability to not only improve your self-image, but elevate your view of the world and your place in it! Such deep seated changes of perspective, however, can only be accomplished as a result of making specific choices, conviction and the capacity to be open and be able to alter many views and
perspectives of yourself and the world, to date.

How can this be done? You may ask. This is where re-wiring comes in, but in order to affect such changes, you must first make a conscious decision to accept complete responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions as a means for asserting control over your life. This is not only key; this is where it all begins! For example, it is sometimes easier to blame others for poor decisions, adverse lifestyles or consequences; it is also easy to waste a lot of time and emotional energy paralyzed by self-pity or overwhelmed by matters beyond your control or of relatively little importance.

Life really is short! Don’t waste what little time you have with excuses or obsessing over whether life is fair or not. The world is full of winners who rose from nothing and losers who were given every opportunity to succeed in life. If you really feel cheated by life or just have a bad attitude, try talking to someone close to death to see what they think of your notions. The bottom line is, no one is more responsible for what you feel and how you act than you, nor can anyone else affect or change your life more than you! Never be afraid to visualize and pursue a better way of thinking, feeling and acting for fear of being disappointed or judged, regardless of what stage of life you are in! Believe it or not, happiness has no expiration date!

You might also try to get to know your True Self better so you are working in congruence with who you really are. Look deep within, listen to your heart and try to imagine how and what your True Self would feel, think, act, react, etc. in a variety of circumstances. Imagine a new life for yourself as this person and start thinking and acting like him or her. As a means of support, back-up these images, feelings and perceptions with positive affirmations such as, “I am the good person in me”, “I deserve to and will be happy”, “I will connect with others in more positive ways”. Then simply begin treating others as you would expect this inner most part of you would.

You must also daily visualize your best self, and new life, for it is easy to stray from a path to a place you cannot see. Life tends to throw back at you what you hand out, and by maintaining a better, more upbeat outlook on life, acting with your best truth in heart and mind, it is you who shall ultimately benefit the most!

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Author's Bio: 

Don Neviaser is a Certified Life Coach and author, utilizing both careers helping people move beyond restrictive mindsets and debilitating self-perceptions to a place of inner unity, appreciation and gratitude for who they are and what they are capable of; all in line with who they really are; their True Self!
He has been writing for 35 years and to date has published 4 self-help books that expound on the power and effectiveness of perspective and an attitude of gratitude in making all the difference between existing or truly living from the heart.