Desserts can make us crazy and everyone knows that most in the world are addicted to sweets. It rather be some ice cream or even a spoon full of sugar, one is always ready to taste something sweet in their life all the time. India is a diverse country where billions of dessert recipes have taken birth. These recipes come in handy to impress your family and friends and even your co-workers or bosses in your office. One of the greatest easy dessert recipes like Baadam ka Halwa, which is loved in all parts of india. Kulfi in different flavors, it may be strawberry or banana, one always loves it chilled. You can also decorate your kulfi with some kesar and dry fruits which gives your recipe a great richness. There are many heavenly easy dessert recipes which can be easily prepared by anyone, you may have no experience in cooking, but you can still follow some easy instructions given to you online on different websites from where you can get these recipes. Some of the simple dessert recipes like the blueberry pie or chocolate pie are from western culture but they can be easily used to impress your friends and this dish can be used as a dessert in a party at your home. Sweeten your taste bud with special dessert dishes.

Although there are many western desserts which are mostly prepared with an ample amount of egg in them, but one can always use the Indian style of cooking desserts which have no eggs in them. Some great recipes like kheer can be varied in their flavors and is eggless. So, people who are vegetarians sure can enjoy each spoon of the kheer. Kheer can be served hot or cold, they taste great in both the manners, hence you can always keep them into your menu card for any party. Hence there is a long list of desserts from Indian style of cooking which can be used in all occasions to receive appreciation and applaud by all the guests and family.

These dessert recipes are the greatest wonder of the world, and it sure is something special which was invented with love and celebration. Now whether there are winters or summers you can always enjoy the taste of these simple dessert recipes and spend each minute with a smile of satisfaction and well-being.

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