Destiny 2 can be a bit overwhelming for new players who are not used to the game's systems or mechanisms to level up or play through it.

What currency is important? How are shaders used? What is the difference between level and power? Here you can know more about Destiny 2 on

We are here to help. Starting your trip in Destiny 2 is simpler than it seems at the beginning, but we have some tips to keep in mind when you start the story of your Guardian.

Play through the story. There is nothing simpler than that. The Red Legion campaign will take you to numerous destinations highlighted by its beautiful scenes of animation and voice acting. Once you're done, the journey to fill your cargo with large weapons and level up to be ready for the Raid really begins.

But every long journey begins with baby steps. Play through the game and you will be rewarded after certain missions with new equipment such as exotic weapons and armor that is greater Power.

Don't feel pressured to equip a higher power gear immediately. The game has a hidden value of what your true power level is, even if you don't have the highest equipment equipped. At certain times, however, you will have to equip your most powerful team to move forward, so pay attention to the power requirements throughout the campaign.

General advice
When enemies have a shield, use your energy weapons (second slot) to deplete them. If the element of your energy weapon matches the enemy's shield (Arc - blue, Empty - purple, Solar - red), your shield will explode and stun you for a short period of time.

Leveling up your Power will take some patience, but it will arrive in due time. Only the campaign ends and reaches level 20. After that, grinding begins to reach maximum power.

Public events
When you travel through any of Destiny 2’s open world destinations , you will see flashing lights indicating that a public event will soon begin. These group activities are very important in the game, no matter if you are near the beginning or the end of your fight, as they reward you greatly.

Each completed Public Event will reward you with at least one token that can be converted into the seller of each destination to level up and gain equipment. You also have the opportunity to win Exotic and Legendary engrams, as well as Rare equipment that will help you level up if you are climbing towards maximum power.

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