As we walk through life, sometimes we fumble and lose our way; we neglect to choose the right path or follow our destiny. How do we know when this happens? We know when we find ourselves living a life that is empty and shallow of purpose and we find ourselves withdrawn from life; when we are wondering where we went wrong and if this is all there is. Do you feel regret for choices made and wish you could do them over again? Do you find yourself looking backward in time at what you should have done or what you didn’t’ do? We may feel distraught over what lead us to this place in our life. But sometimes what we think our life should be like isn’t our destiny.

We cannot control our path in life, but we can get lost and lose our way. We may end up in a different place then we are meant too, but we can always find our way back. It is dependent on whether you choose to do what feels right to you or if choose you to ignore it because you are trying to live the life you think you should be living. When we try to control our lives and plan it out, we will become lost and lose our way. When we follow our instincts and listen to our heart, we will always know which path to choose. So if in your past you lost your way, know you can find it again. Know that with an open our heart and an open mind, you can begin to follow your path and find your destiny. By letting go of control and your idea about your future, you can instead exist in a way that allows your destiny to slide into your present with you.

By listening and following what feels right over everything else, even your plans for the future, you will begin to live your destiny. Destiny is about fitting into your life and finding out what you are meant for, and then living it; it is about fitting into life itself. When we pull out of our path, we end up lost, withdrawn from our purpose, and often existing in misery and unhappiness. When we align ourselves once again with our destiny, our purpose, life fits us differently. We feel more alive, connected, and important in our own life. We no longer take anything for granted, for it all feels like it has a purpose. Our connection to our life and the world around us feels different because we are living as we are meant to. When we choose to exist by options unconnected to our purpose, we feel separate and alone. Purpose gives our life meaning and it lifts us up in more ways than one. Find your destiny and purpose by being aware of the choices you make. Simply by doing what feels right and listening to your instincts, you will stay on your path. Try to keep your mind open. Try not to control what may be so that your future can be open, and you will live your destiny.

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