Here is one of my very early clients. I learned something from her story, and pass it on to you.

Older lady seeks Prince Charming, only Soul Mates Need Apply. Single and available, she was: Put capitals on that. Yes, she sought The One like a hunter seeks a trophy bull, the one with the big antlers. She wanted to know when, where, how she would find him, wanted to know what kind of life he was living, what he was doing now. She persisted, in the absence of the trophy bull, for almost three years, with regular Tarot inquiries – reading after reading. I actually felt guilty at the way she was spending her money on Verbatim Tarot and me!

Tarot represented Prince Charming with the Knight of Cups, a card that means your boyfriend, an agreeable affectionate fellow, a nice guy who makes the first move in a romance. I called this card The Warm Puppy for her.

At some points in her Tarot readings, the Warm Puppy could be more than one person. That was clear. But the characteristics of the man were the same, unwaveringly. As she asked what was going on in Warm Puppy’s life, we cataloged a change of jobs to self-employment, divorce, moving to another town, financial ups and downs, the death of his mother, and an illness that persisted and was resolved. All the while, every once in a while, that dratted announcement came up that he could be more than one person!

She met a promising dude. “Is this the Warm Puppy?” YES!

Everything was going well. So smoothly, no hitches. Just like the Tarot had described it would. As she dated the man, she asked him questions about his life story, and paid attention to when these events he told her about happened.

It’s all in the details
Well, this lady took notes. Let me tell you she took notes! – in detail! She was a detail oriented dame anyway, you know? She took out her notes and compared them to all those Verbatim Tarot readings, which she had also put dates on.

And they lined up perfectly: All the times of the change of jobs, the self-employment, the divorce, the move to another state, the financial status, the mother’s demise, and his illness and its cure lined up with what he told her. So Verbatim Tarot had been tracking this one person even as it said there were other potential mates.

Remember the characteristics stayed the same even as Tarot said there were more than one of these potential soul mates? But she found the one the Tarot tracked when she asked what was happening in Warm Puppy’s life?

Who you are and where you are determine the exact individual you meet. If you simultaneously occupied ten different cities as who you are now, ten different jobs, ten different addresses and lives, those lives would follow the same or very similar pattern because of who you are – probably similar to the way traced twins have parallel lives. You would find ten different love interests, all of whom would have characteristics in common that are a product of who is attracted to the kind of person you are!

This is what this client taught me: Who we are determines who we are going to be with. You meet the person who interlocks with what is happening in your story. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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