Detached Involvement

One of the earliest concepts that I learned in my coaching studies, yet one which is not easy to put into practice is what is termed detached involvement. Being human means having feelings and emotions. When you are aware of those emotions, and allow them to flow without judgment, or attempting to control an outcome you are practicing detached involvement. When you give your gifts in life without any expectation of receiving something back in return you are practicing detached involvement. When you let a situation just occur and play out with not trying to influence the outcome or a future event you are practicing detached involvement.

I know from personal experience, this is not easy to do. However, I also do know that when I am able to do it, I enjoy my life far more fully. When one is practicing detached involvement, they open themselves to be far more reflective. They don’t get caught up in the drama of the moment. They are very much participating in their life however they act as both a participant and an observer. All parts of your life are experienced, but the outcome of each activity is not judged as being good or bad.

If you find yourself getting upset frequently, and are having difficulty understanding why, or if you know what is getting you upset and would like to find new ways to approach the situation, here are some thoughts on what you can do. Putting into practice one or more of these approaches puts you on the path to viewing your life through the prism of detached involvement. These methods include:

- Take nothing personally

- Make no assumptions

- Make as few judgments as possible

- Let go of the need to be right

- Let go of the need to be in control

- Be passionate about all of life’s experiences, even the painful ones

- Give all you have, you’re true gifts to whatever you are doing

- Detach from future potential results.

Living fully involved, yet attached is something that can be learned, like any skill. The rewards for being able to do so provide one the ability to focus in the moment, and manifest their true power to live to their utmost potential.

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