Detaching very important in order to allow the good into your life. In the past, my ego had to know how things were going to work out in situations I was in. It was important that things had to be a certain way, in a certain time. Despite knowing better, it took a while to do better. It is like beating your head against the wall and getting a concussion yet you keep doing it.

When I started to attend a church that taught this philosophy of letting go, it became clear to me that I better change my thinking because the Universe wasn't going to change its policy on letting go! (LOL) As I applied this philosophy, things began to shift and how! When things come up now, I do what I can, then just release it. It feels better doing so because it is exhausting holding on!

Here are some tips I would like to share about detachment:

1.)According to Abraham, focus on the solution, not the problem. You shift your energy to a better feeling thought.

2.)Take inspired action when necessary.

3.)Turn it over to your higher power. We are not in control.

4.)Know that the solution is already in the works.

Got more tips? Please share and thanks!

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Dorothy L. Davis is an online entrepreneur; her website AllBusiness-AllMoney ( has income opportunities and self improvement offers for those who are interest in making money from home and improving the quality of their lives. She also has a self-published book,LADIES ON HOLD ( Her journey of learning and applying the Science of Mind principles is an ongoing process.