Our physical bodies are made up of energy. The earth is also comprised of energy. Thoughts are also comprised of energy. So much of what is around us from our thoughts and past relationships is energetic garbage that just needs to be removed from our energy field. In a 30 minute session the ties to old lovers, husbands and bosses can be removed so that you feel lighter and more positive. All the old energy from past relationships is still hanging onto our energy field bogging us down.

Often we continue to attract people into our sphere of influence because that old energy is still attached to us and we are not even aware. This is one of the services I provide for my clients. I want to empower you to move on and be able to do this yourself, so I will teach you how to remove the chords and energy attachments yourself in an hour long session. Even the people we love can hold us down with energy of past arguments and family disagreements.

Think of it this way, each time we have a relationship with someone and it ends badly or we have disagreements, chords are attached, thought forms are attached and they color us. They change the color of our aura. This negativity bogs us down and attracts more negativity to us. We want to keep our aura clean, just as we keep our body and our homes clean. Having the chords and energy attachments removed raises your vibration exponentially. You will feel instantly lighter, happier. More importantly you will begin to attract people and other relationships to you that have a higher frequency. Each time we raise our vibration and let go of the past our vibration is raised. We become healthier and happier as a result. Isn't it time you let go of your past?

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, speaker, mystic, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Relationship and Dating Coach. She is also a talk show host on Voice America Internet Radio on the 7th Wave channel. Her show is called INTO THE MYSTIC.

Jennifer performs powerful session work by telephone and Skype.

The show airs on Thursdays a 1:00 PST, 2:00 MST, 4:00 EST on Voice America - INTO THE MYSTIC.