Finding out about a psychic medium in more detail rather than the usual run of the mill profile shown on websites can be interesting, here we detail the workings of a reader from Simply Psychics, whose name is Lucy.

Here, I tell you about my readings, & how I do them….
The most important thing i do with my readings is right at the start of the call - this is when you must make a good connection with the client, usually in a light-hearted way to make the person is relaxed.
I then establish the nature of the persons call. Usually i make the link with the cards and ask my guides and my helpers to come forward. I try to see into all areas of the situation sometimes even going back into the callers past because sometimes the past can affect the present and the future. I am empathic and i try to see if there is a clear way forward and i have learned to give what I’ve been given from my guides and helpers and to believe in the information I’ve received.

Relationships became my specialty over a period of time- its the main reason a lot of people call. I find they need plenty of understanding and re-assurance and sometimes i just know what's ahead of them. On occasion the caller knows what I’m saying is right but sometimes they aren’t ready to hear yet and these are the difficult ones.

What do callers want to know?
A huge variety of things from basic re-assurance - finding a lost object (which i can do) & more in-depth readings about their whole life or just a general over-view in the direction they are going.
Career is nearly as popular as relationship readings. Also house-moves and the area they are considering moving to, plus timings on when the house move will also happen.

Do callers ring when they have fallen out with their partner?
Very much so as they need advice about when they will get further contact and i can on occasion be totally correct with timings - I know because my callers return to me for more validations and updates. Sometimes when a caller rings after they have fallen out with there partner its not the right time for a reading because you are dealing with a very upset person. On occasion I have asked them to
call back when they have calmed down a little but this does only happen very rarely.

How do I advise or help callers?
Well in many ways, with honesty, I am also empathic and basically I want them to go away feeling better and with more hope than they had before they rang. I look at every situation individually and everything is "tailor-made" for that caller.

Do you give specifics, names etc?
For a very long time my spirit guides always gave me the person’s middle name - especially when the person they had asked about had passed. As I have become a little more experienced with time, I hear clairaudiently and i have now given initials and the persons name which very often prove to be correct. I hear it in my mind-set, i cant really work out how this happens only that i have learned to go with it.

Do your love predictions come true?
Well apparently they do as i do have many returning clients and people have told me they do and that i have helped them so i am learning to believe in myself.

Do your love predictions come true?
An actual friend of mine comes to me regularly for readings. Her relationship - a long one has been in difficulties on at least two occasions. On both occasions i have saved the relationship. I have done this by listening to my friend and linking in psychically to advise her to not leave her partner. She listened to this advice and the relationship of some years is now going strong - it just hits a rocky patch from time to time and with everything people need re-assurance.

Are the majority of callers about love and relationship matters or are there other kinds?
Well, i think of myself as an all-rounder - this is because i am clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, medium and a psychic. I hear, see into the future and i receive spirit. I am a direct channeller of spirit and the Angel realm.
I love doing mediumship readings where i give validation from clients loved ones; i love to teach/instruct about spiritual matters, as i feel all knowledge should be shared. I can also do remote viewing, seeing places, and also seeing objects people might have lost. Another of my skills is that i link into animal energies, especially, lost cats, horses and dogs as i have a West Highland white terrier myself and am an avid dog lover.

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