Interested in learning more about the player-versus-player (PvP) system in Lost Ark? It's time to face off against other players in PvP combat as soon as you've completed all of the difficult tasks associated with leveling your Lost Ark character. It is significantly more difficult to fight against other players than it is to fight against monsters in PvE because humans are smarter and more powerful than monsters, and battles tend to end quickly once your opponent learns how to counter your abilities.

When playing Lost Ark, you must complete at least half of the leveling process before you can engage in player-versus-player battles with other players in the Proving Grounds, which serves as the game's PvP hub. Game modes include a variety of different types of battles that can be played against others in a ranked mode that rewards skillful players with special items.

Anyone can compete in Lost Ark regardless of their previous experience or equipment, which makes it simple for new players to jump in and not feel out of their element right away. Everything you need to know about PvP in Lost Ark is outlined below, including information on the rank system, seasonal rewards, and other important details about the game's overall structure.


In spite of the fact that the dueling system is introduced early in the game, it is distinct from the dedicated PvP area that will be made available later on. In order to gain access to the Proving Grounds, players must have reached level 26 and gained access to Luterra Castle, respectively. Once you have arrived at Luterra Castle and completed the questline 'Rebuilding Luterra' in your quest journal, you should be directed to the arena area.

In The Lost Ark, there are different classes for people who want to participate in PVP.

Those interested in competitive play can check out our guide to the best Lost Ark classes for both PvP and PvE, which you can find here. Most importantly, keep in mind that there are no bad classes in Lost Ark gold for sale; every class is viable as long as you collaborate with your teammates to complete the mission successfully.

In order to build their characters before entering battle, players are given 1,250 stat points and 340 skill points to distribute among their various classes. PvP matches, on the other hand, are exempt from the requirement to take equipment into consideration because it is not a factor in them.


At the moment, players can choose between three different game modes on the Proving Grounds: combat, survival, and exploration.

In a deathmatch (one player), up to six players compete against each other at the same time. The winner is determined by who has the highest number of kills.

Two teams of three players compete against each other to see who can score the most kills in the shortest amount of time.

Using the elimination format, two teams of three players compete against each other in one-on-one combat to determine which group of athletes is the superior group of athletes.

The normal match mode, on the other hand, can only be played with a small group of friends if you choose to play it solo, whereas the other two modes can be played in a group. For competitive matches, solo queuing is the only option available, preventing players from planning their team compositions in advance.


As you begin to accumulate points through competitive matches, you will progress through seven ranks, each of which offers a different level of seasonal rewards depending on where you land on the ladder. As you accumulate points through competitive matches, you will progress through seven ranks.

For the Bronze level (points between 1 and 1399), there are no reward chests to be found.

For earning silver (between 1400 and 1599 points), you will receive the following rewards:a silver award casket with a unique design (leggings) on the front.

For those who earned points between 1600 and 1799, a gold award casket with an original skin (bib and leggings) was presented to them.

Between 1800 and 1999, you can earn a platinum medal. Exclusive skins (headdress, bib, and leggings) are included in the Platinum Award Box. Between 1800 and 1999, you can earn a platinum medal.

With a diamond, you can earn points between 2000 and 9999. a diamond award box that contains a unique title, a unique skin (including a headdress, a bib, and leggings), and another unique skin (including a headdress, a bib, and leggings).

Players in the 11th to 40th ranks were awarded the chest Master (along with 1,500 crystals, a special aura, a unique title, and a unique skin (which included a headdress, a bib, and leggings).

To Grand Masters (ranks 1 – 10) are given the following items: Grand Master's Award Chest (which contains 5,000 crystals, a special aura, and a special title, as well as an exclusive skin (which includes a headdress, bib, and leggings).

In Lost Ark gold, your rank does deteriorate, and the rate at which it deteriorates increases in direct proportion to your current position. Consider the following scenario: you've managed to scrape your way into Diamond status one month before the season's conclusion. In the event that you do not continue to play, there is a good chance that your rank will be reduced to platinum.

Many competitive players concentrate their efforts on ranked play toward the end of the season in order to counteract the effects of rank decay and maintain their rankings. The very best players at the Master and Grand Master levels are expected to play every day in order to maintain their highly volatile rankings, and this is no exception.

ARK is an abbreviation for Arkham Asylum. THERE WAS A LOSS OF PVP COINS OF COURAGE.

In addition to the end-of-season rewards, players can earn tokens that can be redeemed for valuable in-game items at any time during the season. When participating in PvP battles, you can earn coins of courage by defeating your opponents; however, once you reach a high enough PvP level, you can earn these tokens simply by participating in the matches themselves. Please keep in mind that the coins of courage expire at the end of each season, so make sure to use them all up before the season ends!

In addition, you will receive a weekly reward based on your PvP rank – the higher your rank, the greater the number of tokens you will earn. When you have earned enough courage tokens, you can redeem them at the Quartermaster, where you can exchange them for items related to the guild, upgrade materials for PvE gear, and experience point elixirs. Additionally, players who participate in PvP are granted access to exclusive titles, mounts, and auras that are not granted to non-player characters.

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