League of Legends smurf accounts are secondary accounts that are of lower level and rank than the primary account of a player. A lot of League of Legend players buy these smurf accounts for several purposes.

Why do people buy League of Legends Smurfs?

People buy League of Legends Smurfs for the following reasons:

1. For future trading: Some people buy smurfs to build them up to a certain level and sell them at a higher price for profit. There are smurf accounts that have so many champions which make them appealing.

2. For training: To avoid damage to their primary account, people buy smurfs and then train with them. By training with smurfs, you can experiment with a lot of new things and new gameplay styles that you can’t do with your primary account for fear of doing damage to the account.

3. For teaching friends how to play: if you are introducing a friend to League of Legends, it will be difficult teaching your friend how to play with your old high ranked account. You will be mismatched, and things won’t be easy. With a new smurf, your friend can get a fairer chance of winning, and the learning curve will be better.

4. For fun: When a very good player buys a lower ranked smurf account, the player can get paired with other people that are not as good as them. This way, they can get to have tons of fun blasting through other people. Also, some players just want to experience the slower paced action of early games. The reverse is also the case as low ranked players can get to fight very tough players with high ranked smurf accounts.

5. Account ban: So many people get banned, and they can’t play. You all know how addictive and fun League of Legend is. To get into the action again, players have no other option than to buy smurfs.

What does Riot think about Smurfing?

Riot does not endorse smurfing, but they hardly do anything about it because the impact of smurfing on the game is minimal. Accounts are easy to create, and the player population of LoL is large. Riot has tried to control smurfing in the past but discovered that it was affecting normal players, so they stopped. They only target smurfs that are created to deliberately cause harm to the game and to other players. Players that do that can get their smurf and their real account banned.

Riot said that they developed good detection systems that can detect smurf accounts and separate those smurfs from actual users. After a few games, the smurf accounts end up playing against other smurf accounts.

So, in a nutshell, Riot doesn’t care if you use a smurf account or not.

A guide to buying smurfs

While some players create smurf accounts for themselves, others choose to buy them. Buying smurfs is a faster way to progress and get ahead of the early hassles of building accounts. Most smurf accounts are in level 30, so you don’t need to spend time leveling up. But these accounts are unranked which means that you can still play games against less skilled opponents.

If you are buying a smurf, you need to ensure that you are buying from a reputable source. Sites like SneakySmurfs are great, genuine sources where you can buy smurf accounts. These sites allow you to pay with PayPal and other trustworthy online payment solutions.

‘https’ security is something that you should watch out for. Avoid purchasing from sites that have just ‘http’ on their address bar. A reputable website should be ‘https’ secured. This way, you can be sure that your credit card and other payment details won’t be stolen.

When you buy from a genuine source, you get your account instantly, and you won’t experience any issue. The whole transaction will be smooth and seamless. You should get the smurfs within 5 minutes after purchase.

After purchasing a smurf, verify your information to the smurf account and secure it. Change the details as suit you.

Bottom Line

Smurfs add a new dimension to League of Legends. Use them wisely and don’t break the rules with them. They can improve your gameplay and be useful for you in so many different ways.

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