Everyone loves having a swimming pool where they can relax after a long tiring day or relax with their friends and family. If you are one of them who loves to travel and have been away from your pool for many days then naturally you will witness an algae-filled pool when you return from your vacation. If you are having a pool party in the upcoming days then you must know
how to clean a green swimming pool because you don’t want your guests to see that green and dirty pool.

How to Clean a Green Swimming Pool on Daily Basis?

If an individual wants to get crystal clear pool water then he/she must manage to clean their pool daily. The steps mentioned below are some things to keep in mind to manage a clear water swimming pool:

• A person should check for signs of any growth of algae in the water every morning. If he witnesses any growth, he should start sweeping away it and also net out leaves and insects regularly.
• A person should always check the skimmer net every morning so that he can remove any vegetation that has been collected during the night.
• The pH level of the water in the pool should also get checked to maintain cleanliness.

All these steps have to be done regularly to get crystal clear water. But if you are away for a long time then you must follow these detailed steps of how to clean a green swimming pool:

• Complete Draining of the Pool:

This is the most extreme step. If you came back from a long vacation and see that the pool has turned dark green and borders on a blackish color. It’s time to completely drain the pool and treat the surface of the pool with an acid wash. If your pool has a main drain, then with the help of a filter pump you can drain most of the water out. Many professionals provide the best swimming pool services to clean all the algae from the pool.

• Checking the pH:

A proper pH level of the water in the swimming pool is necessary to avoid any algae growth. The suitable pH of the water in the pool should be below 7.2. If the pH is more than that, a person can use sodium bisulfate to reduce it. If you want that your water will clear out, adjust the levels of pH in proper ranges.

• Shocking the Pool:

Once the pH levels are lowered, the next essential step is shocking the pool. It means super chlorinating the water to kill off the bacteria and algae almost immediately. To accomplish this step you need to use two times the amount of pool chemical you normally use.

• Use Flocculants:

Sometimes after doing all these steps the pool still remains a little cloudy because of the residual microscopic particles. You can remove them by using flocculants. This product helps to bind the debris together so that it can easily be trapped with the sand filter. These high-quality swimming pool services are also provided by reputed professional companies.

• Backwash:

Green or cloudy water will immediately clog the filter. Therefore you need to backwash your filter several times until the water in your pool clears. For quickest results, run your filter 24 hours a day and backwash 3 or 4 times a day. It is the essential step of how to clean a green swimming pool.

The above-mentioned steps are necessary for cleaning algae from your swimming pool. If you are new to this, then you don’t have to worry because many professionals provide the best services to prevent you from any type of hassle.

These professionals are skilled, knowledgeable, and talented and they have the right supplies and equipment to clean your pool. They also do swimming pool installation and provide you adequate knowledge to maintain your pool.

Bottom Line

If you don’t know how to clean a green swimming pool , then you must get an idea from the above steps. If you have a hectic schedule and you can’t spare time then you can hire professionals to get clean and algae-free water.

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