Business and marketing campaigns bonded as two eyes in creating a clear vision for your development. So it is essential to understand the various categories of videos and how it finds the right application in every domain to obtain effective results. A successful market depends on the deep comprehension of the buyer's journey and how it gets integrated with video marketing.

Entrepreneurs look explainer video as a gold mine that entertains and educates the audience with perfect business content. The majority of the business firms choose animated videos because of the cost-effective marketing solution and powerful method in grabbing the attention of the viewer. A buyer decides to purchase the product only when he/she comprehends the product features and how it resolves their day-to-day difficulties in an efficient manner. And thus, with the unlimited benefits of the explainer video, it is time for you to choose the stunning video to market your product moving through the buyer's journey.

Stages of the buyer's journey

The buyer's journey involves evaluating the product features and concludes with the decision on purchase or not. To start with experts saying, they have classified the buyer's journey into three stages. Each stage committed with various demands, and the marketers should have a close look into it to satisfy them to progress their business.

Let us get deep into the stages now:
Awareness stage: In this stage, we should make the customer understand that he/she possess an issue.
Consideration stage: Being into the second stage buyer is presented with an optimal solution to resolve the issue.
Decision stage: Finally, the buyer makes a wise decision in purchasing the product.

How video plays a major role in each stage of the buyer's journey?

A survey claims that 66% of B2B businesses make use of videos to promote their products among the audience. With the keen note of the marketer's interest, 60% of videos used for creating product awareness of the post-sale stage to improve the business
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