When you are a partner at a law firm, there are numerous entities that have to be managed on a daily basis. You and your partners must supervise employees, clients, lawyers, various paperwork, and dozens of other challenges day in and day out. While a law firm is always difficult to run, trying to manage a practice that is constantly growing creates even greater of a challenge. As the company grows, you need to update much of your company’s business dealings and technology to stay afloat without collapsing.

While a growing your law firm requires much to succeed, one often overlooked aspect is updating the firm’s technology. Between purchasing new hardware like computers and smartphones to updating digital filing systems to accommodate all of the extra clientele you have; you may forget that you need to replace old systems in favor of ones that are required for larger companies. One such entity that you definitely need to update when growing your law practice is your merchant account.

Your law firm uses merchant services accounts to accept payments from various sources. Whether it is clients, other businesses, or whomever, you need to have a quality merchant account in order to stay ahead. However, as your business grows, it is imperative that you update your merchant services provider in order to fit the needs of a larger business. The merchant account you were utilizing in the past may not be the greatest fit for a more grandiose operation – as it may not be as cost effective anymore. What you need to do is look for certain features of a new merchant account, or see if your current account has different plans to choose from. One of the features that you should look for is interchange-plus pricing, which will save you money on credit card transactions. You should also search for all-in-one payment processing, which will allow you to accept online payments as well as in-house payments with this streamlined option. You will also want to ensure that your new merchant account has activity records, allows for user access controls, batch and deposit reports, cumulative and custom reporting, and combined merchant account access.

As well as ensuring that your new merchant account can handle the needs of a growing law firm, you need to make sure that the provider is safe and practices ethical business. More than the fact that you obviously want to deal with ethical companies, you are handing over your financial details as well as those of your clients, so you need to ensure their safety as well as your own. If you are dealing with an unethical company, you could end up harming yourself in the long term.

Being a partner at a law firm, especially one that is in the process of growing its business, is certainly a very difficult job. Between the everyday challenges of running a law firm, combined with making the numerous decisions associated with the growth of a company, you can often overlook some of the most important decisions. Choosing the best quality merchant services provider that can aid your company in growing is a tough decision, but if you know what features to look for and choose a reputable company, you are sure to be successful.

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