According to one school of thought, choosing the right hair extension is relatively easy, and it can be done in a jiffy. As per this school of thought picking the right colour and the right type is all that people need to do!

The reality is that they are only partially correct. Yes! People DO need to pick up the right shade and type that gel with the natural hair, but they also need to put equal emphasis on the right quality so that the investment is properly justified. 

However, there is yet another part as well, which is to be taken into account. That is the number of hair extensions needed for the style one is looking for. Besides, it is also to be considered, how many extensions one would need to cover the entire head. More so, for the first timers, it is a somewhat tricky question and something to be discussed about.

What determines the numbers?

There is hardly any two individuals in this world with precisely similar type of hair. This means the number of hair extensions in Gold Coast that one will need will vary from the other - for sure (unless there is a miracle!).

This is the reason salons have to use variable techniques while calculating the number of extensions one will need. Well, there are procedures by which an individual can calculate the coverage he or she needs, but it is better to leave that for the professionals.

What does the industry say?

Here is a quick look at what the industry says. For extensions covering a quarter of head, one would generally need 25 grams of bonded hairs and two to three rows. This means, for half of the head, one would need 50 grams and three to four rows of extensions. And for three quarters, a minimum of 75 grams with five to six rows will suffice.

Therefore, the ones who are looking to have extensions for their entire head will need at least 100 to 125 grams of bonds with seven to eight rows.

This data will help to know about the industry standard and the prices of these hair extensions. However, in some instances, the length and the weight of the hair is also taken into account while determining the number of rows needed for full coverage. So here are some details, which will help people to come to a credible conclusion about the number of hair extensions they are paying for. 

Ways that salons follow!

Every salon that applies clip in hair extensions in Australia is different from the others, and their principles of working are also different. Some salons will consider weight to be the determining factor to decide upon the number of rows.

Then again, while considering the weight, things might get a bit complicated. These hair extensions come up in various weights, and that depends upon the ethnicity of the hair.

For instance, an Indian bond will surely weigh more than a European bond. And for course, the weight will also depend upon the length. A longer bond will be heavier than its shorter counterpart. Thus, it is pretty difficult to ascertain in advance, how to begin with, when it comes to considering the weight and the number of bonds. That is where the experience of a reputed salon counts.

Again, the number of rows will also vary with salons, and every salon has different principles of determining the number of rows that will cover an entire head. While some will cover with six rows, some will do so with a lesser number of rows. But once more, it will depend upon the density and ethnicity of the hair.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a salon that applies Clip in Hair Extensions in Gold Coast, Australia. The author is also a hair extension expert and writes blogs on the subject.