Women know that wearing the right pair of shoes can make you feel like you can take over the world. Not only that but different styles of shoes can make you feel and act differently. They can make you feel flirty, powerful, demure, sexy and of course, confident. So what does this have to do with your brand? Well your brand is a lot like a pair of shoes, depending on how you brand yourself you will exude a certain type of energy, and make your prospects feel a certain way when they interact with your brand passively or directly.

When you are confident in your online brand identity that confidence will spill over into your work and interaction with clients, and likewise if you are unconfident in your brand then your prospects are going to sense your hesitation.

So how do you wear your brand like your favorite pair of heels?

The higher the heel, the sexier you feel.

No matter how uncomfortable it is, right? Now I'm not saying your brand should be so over the top that you are scared of it, but sometimes coaches hold themselves back because of fear and a little discomfort is good. Get out of your comfort zone and be fully self expressed in your business. Don't worry about turning people off, when you are expressing YOU you will attract others that resonate with you and your business. Believe me, when you start strutting your stuff and attracting people that love what you're doing it's like they are just reaffirming your awesomeness and you'll have even more confidence.

No Knock Offs

Knock offs might look like the real thing, but in a short time they end up falling apart at the seams. There is a reason that expensive shoes are expensive, you're paying for superior craftsmanship, materials, and creative design. It's the same when you are purchasing your visual branding or website design. When you are investing in your visual branding don't skimp. This investment now will be with you throughout your business and if you do it right from the get go you will save yourself from having to go through the costly and stressful process of rebranding yourself later.

Not just for special occasions

Don't forget that your branding isn't just for your business cards or your website. You are your brand and you need to show it off every day in how you dress, how you talk with clients, and what actions you are taking in your business that effect the world around you (such as supporting a certain charity or helping a fellow joint venture partner). Even when you think people aren't paying attention, you need to make sure you are representing yourself and your brand in the best way possible, because you never know.

So get out there, be bold, and strut yourself. Build a brand that makes you feel confident and attracts clients that resonate with you.

Author's Bio: 

Holly Chantal is the founder of The Land of Brand, a website design and branding company for coaches and solopreneurs. Go to http://www.thelandofbrand.com and download a free video training on how to use your personality to create a unique brand - because your mom was right when she said you were special.