Now day’s schools offer more qualitative education opportunities to students. In modern era, schools construct a platform where students learn in their own pace and get care and respect. Experienced and dedicated teachers are selected by the schools in their education organizational with excellence teaching skills and who can handles all types of student patiently. Parents should teach their child the importance of learning to improve their reading and writing skills. Those children, who hang about at school gets good education, make optimistic choices and learn communications skills at very early age as soon as they are in pre schools. Education provides necessary tools of life that assist children to become a booming citizen, when they grow up.

Students will be aware of crimes, atrocities and human trafficking and they will take a lead to hinder all this violence if it occurs in the future. Schools in Ghaziabad cater all academic needs of the residents of the Ghaziabad. There are series of good schools in this prosperous city which maintains high standards. Within best schools of Ghaziabad, NIMT is one of the reputed and popular schools in this city. NIMT School applies international method of education and learning for the children to make them global citizens of tomorrow. It is located at shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad. They include IB [International Baccalaureate] curriculum, an international educational foundation that offers international education program for the children. Their IB curriculum includes PYP [Primary year program] and MYP [Middle year program] for nursery to senior secondary school. The school environment is full of innovative opportunities for students where children can develop a spur of learning.

The school has outstanding, modern infrastructure and gives world class facilities; digital and spacious class rooms. Well designed science, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics laboratories and abacus centre are available. To make theory part more interesting and to facilitate kids to improve their speed and accuracy on abacus and to develop concentration, reading and writing abilities. Faculties here are experienced in their respective field and solve every dilemma of students in easy and effective manner. School syllabus has Germany and French as optional languages.

NIMT School maintains digital and smart classes through latest technology. Sophisticated computer laboratory with latest software and internet services. Full –fledged library for juniors and seniors: story books, reference books and periodicals are kept here, for an easy access to students for projects and assignments. Fun centre for little ones; art, activity , toy room and sandy play are obtainable where children can have fun and designed a new master piece every day. All this activities enhances their creativity skills. School curriculum includes all indoor and outdoor sports and has professional coaches; students participate in national and zonal level competitions. Students are enrolled in mathematics and science Olympiad to enhance their skills and to prepare them for further competitive exams.

Dance, drama, quiz, music, creative writing, debates, inter house competition and poem recitation are organized on regular intervals to foster hidden talents. Other impressive programs like educational tours, picnics and excursions encouraged students to dine with teachers and have a pleasurable time with each other. The school also has weekly hostel facilities; coaching for medical and engineering entrance exams with experienced IB teachers. Separate hostel and sports complex for girls and boys under hostel warden is maintained. The accurate process of schools lies in its method of self-discipline, self- esteem and love for learning which is instill in children. NIMT School encourages students to cherish their abilities and reassure their roles in life and society and develops social understanding by respecting all faith and promoting harmony.

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