In the business world, it’s only a matter of time before you start finding ideas being thrown at you like ‘change your mindset’, Think big’, ‘Rid yourself of limiting thoughts’ and other such mantras. So probably for the first time in your life, you are entering the wonderful world of ‘personal development’ in an attempt to arm yourself with the mindset of a successful entreprenuer. Have you been doing your affirmations? Of course you have. Have you seen any results yet?…….Well…………yeah, I know, that’s another story.

So much attention is given to the idea that mindset is what maketh the man (or woman), but there is often precious little really useful advice out there telling you how to go about making any lasting changes. If you are like most people, you probably all-too-quickly retreat back into your handy shell before any lasting change has really taken place.

Why Don't I Have An Entrepreneur’s Mindset?

In my experience, I find that the main reason people don’t get what they want that they put a great deal of their energy into things like affirmations, visualizing, making wish lists and thinking about the business they want to build, but they do it by only engaging their conscious minds and virtually ignore the processes of their sub -conscious mind. And I can GUARANTEE that buried deep in your sub-conscious are negative thoughts, doubts and disbeliefs, all of which severely limit your chances of success.

Ask any self-improvement professional and they will tell you that the first thing you need to do to guarantee your success is to release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. Proceed without completing this step and you’ll just wind up in circles.

Techniques For Developing Your Mindset

There are many techniques for self-improvement that you can access and try easily and inexpensively and while it is not my aim to push you into trying them, I do suggest that you consider the possibility of some form of self-improvement that aims directly at your sub-conscience, address emotional blockages from your past, clear your mind of useless thoughts or raise your vibrational level.

With this in mind, I have briefly outlined a few different methods you can try if you want to optimise your success. This is a 2-part post, the following of which I’ll post in a day or so. Meanwhile, take a look at these techniques:


Subliminal Mp3′s contain pre-recorded messages specifically recorded at a particular sound frequency which, when played back, can only be heard by your sub-conscious mind. You see, human ears can pick up a variety of sound waves, the vast majority of which are discernable by the human ear, but there is a frequency that we can percieve even though it is outside the physical ‘hearing’ range. (Ask a sound engineer if you don’t believe me).

The benefit of this is by working outside the hearing range of the conscious mind, positive messages cannot be blocked by your consciousness, which wants everything to stay the same. Plus, there are messages to suit every need. Most people in the internet marketing industry use ‘money mindset‘-type subliminals, but there are more general ones for self-belief, self-confidence etc.

There is some debate in the self-help world over whether or not subliminals actually work. Psychologists sometimes differ over this but overall, there is enough evidence to suggest they do work, and as they are sold at a very low price (about $10 per album), you can afford to experiment for yourself.


Like subliminal messaging, hypnosis works by making direct contact with the subconscious mind, allowing positive suggestions to be put into place without interference from the conscious mind. It is generally used on people who have problems with weight loss or addictions such as smoking when all other methods have failed and it produces excellent results. However, it can be used to address a whole range of issues.

People often associate hypnosis with waving watches and being under the control of another person. But in fact, during a hypnosis session you are actually awake and in an advanced state of awareness where you focus almost entirely on the hypnotist’s words. At the same time, your body is in such a state of relaxation that you are happy to sit and let the hypnotist make suggestions, which they do by replacing limiting, negative beliefs with positive, constructive ones. One of the biggest advantages of hypnosis is that it can practised on yourself by purchasing recordings inexpensively. These recordings address any problem a newbie marker could have from fear of failure, a negative money mindset to procrastination.


Neuro Linguistic Programming has been around since the 1970s but has reallyonly started to be widely used in recent years after the development of new and improved techniques. NLP has been described as the “technology” of the mind, as it is all about rewiring the mind using the language of the brain.‘Neuro’ refers to the interaction between the mind and body; ‘Linguistic’ refers to language and ‘Programming’ refers to the “daily programming” we all have.

NLP is safe and powerful and is used by successful people the world over, especially business people but sports people and entertainers have been known to use it too as it is fantastic for improving self-confidence and motivation, and for releasing fears and limiting thoughts.The basic premise of NLP is that the words we use reflect an inner, subconscious perception of our problems. If these words and perceptions are negative, they create a negative reality around us. Hence the basic premise of NLP is the same as that for the Law of Attraction, albeit in a slightly more scientific format.A neuro linguistic therapist will analyze every word and phrase you use when describing yourself, as well as your body language in order to determine problems in your self-perception. Then he/she will help you understand the root cause of the problem and then replace your negative and limiting thoughts with more productive ones.

NLP also works by ‘modelling’. For example, if you want to develop excellent sales skills, you would develop an in depth understanding of what an expert salesperson does and model their behavior. Most NLP products that you buy attempt to teach you NLP-related techniqueswhich shortcut the process but this doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. They can actually take the theory out of practicing NLP and focus on the exercises. NLP is definitely worth checking out. By changing your belief structures and replacing them with non-limiting ones, you will definitely enhance your success.
So now you should be feeling inspired to go and check some of these things out.


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Linda is a certified NLP coach and owner of the popular website