You must have had that feeling that something's going to happen, or when the telephone rings you know exactly who it is before you answer. Do you remember how you felt when you realized that your hunch was right?

Intuition has no basis in logic and cannot be truly explained, although it is thought to manifest itself in one of three ways: sensing (a hunch), clairvoyance (third eye), or hearing (clairaudience).

When you ‘see' what you are not seeing what is physically in front of your eyes but rather something that is happening somewhere else, that is what we term ‘clairvoyance'.

When you ‘sense' something is going to or has happened, then that is what we called a ‘gut feeling', or a ‘hunch'. When this happens you are flooded with a feeling that you really cannot explain, you just know .

‘Listening or ‘clairaudience is where the person is able to hear an undertone ‘between the lines'. This can be triggered by a certain sound, which is not the same for everyone, whether it be a door slamming, or birdsong.

According to Astrologers not everyone has this ability, and in fact they believe that people born under Scorpio or Pisces are almost capable of extra sensory perception because they are so naturally intuitive. Studies have however shown that anyone can develop their intuitiveness.

Would you like to tap into your natural intuitiveness? Why not try these:

1. Get hypnotized.

Definitely try this, it's not all swinging pendulums you know! You can even self hypnotize or there are various packages you can buy which can help you increase your intuition.

2. Why not meditate?

Intuition needs space. If your mind and heart is full of excess negativity there's no room for your natural intuition to flourish. Get rid of them and it will all become a lot more active.

Meditation is portable and free, although you can of course go to a yoga class. Simply concentrating on your breathing can work wonders too.

3. Positivity

As was mentioned above, negativity can sap your intuitiveness from you. Stay positive, inside and out, and you will be surprised at the benevolent energy you will attract, helping you feel what is about to happen.

4. And release….

Release your inhibitions. Whatever's holding you back needs to be expelled making way for a new you with a clear mind and a quiet peaceful psyche. If you are feeling pressure, for example you have to make a life changing decision then why not try this first.

5. Do not have expectations

Assuming that you have now released your inhibitions and are now thinking crystal clearly and everything is in sharp focus, it's important not to expect it to happen straight away. In fact, the more you think about it the less likely it is to happen, making it all the more wonderful when it does.

Lives have been saved and changed for the better thanks to someone's intuition. There is no possible way that this could have happened otherwise and in fact a dash of intuition makes those hard decisions much easier. Find your inner intuition and find out what you have been missing out on!

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