Developing a business using online social networks is a low tech yet highly effective strategy that does however require a bit of your time! It is important to realize these social communities are not meant to be marketing platforms but with the proper approach they offer much potential! Marketers must accept that patience needs to be applied to make the best out of what can be a very effective strategy for internet business growth!

By putting 'people' and NOT selling first, here's 3 ways 'nurturing' relationships at these social communities can help boost your sales!

Making 'Friends' Take Time

Considering that the best foundation for increasing sales is by building relationships it only makes sense to follow this advise using online social networks! Making friends first will only serve to help you build trust with others so when you do promote, people will be more receptive! Of course meeting new people and gaining their trust takes time so commit to this process and you'll find what an effective strategy it is for business building!

'Small' Talk Matters

Although your motives are to make money working social communities on the internet, do NOT expect instant gratification! Even the most 'trivial' exchange can lead to expanding your network of new 'friends' so be patient! These people are folks you need to make feel more comfortable with you and this does not always require serious conversations or exchanging deep thoughts! Small talk is typically what people engage in to explore if whether there is any common ground upon which a relationship can be built! As a marketer you MUST respect this process when cultivating friendships at any of these communities or you'll find this will not be a very effective strategy for your marketing purposes!

Allow For Follow-Up

Developing interpersonal relationships involves the occasional need for follow-up! This displays your sincerity and genuine interest thus giving any relationship deeper roots! Once again you'll need to exercise patience since the process can take time however when done properly you'll realize why it is such an effective strategy to use! You are basically increasing your exposure, building credibility and eventually reaping the benefits in the form of more traffic and thus sales growth for your business!

Developing a business through the use of online social networks requires placing the emphasis on relationship building! Since these social communities are not primarily intended for business purposes marketers must resist the urge to 'blitz' the site with promotional content! To make this approach a more effective strategy the 3 suggestions above serve to help businesses first establish trust with site members! Only in this way can any marketer expect to experience success working within many of the freely available social communities found online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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