The need for a good reputation is vital for developing customer trust online. In fact your online reputation can serve to make you a marketing success or failure depending upon how you are perceived! Without the trust of others you will be hard pressed to generate the sales needed to keep you in profit. Having said that it is therefore important to take the necessary measures that will insure the image you project is one worthy of customer trust!

Here are 3 ways in which an marketer can build an online reputation that will be an asset to their business!


Since the distribution or use of content is at the core of most online businesses whatever information you do dispense always try to be sure of its accuracy. By doing so you build an image of dependability and even authority with others leading to an increase in customer trust. Remember to treat everybody as if they are your customer, even if they have not made any purchases with you yet!

One other thing you need to keep in mind is that whether it is a product for sale or free information you dispense, they both represent you. It is therefore important to be sure neither mislead others since this directly reflects upon you!


By maintaining a 'middle of the road' approach and demeanor people will tend to view you with higher regard. Whether it is your actions or content, do not lean too far left or right in your views for fear you may insult the held values of others. Your marketing success begins with people paying attention to what you say however if you insult or otherwise drive folks away your audience dwindles as will your profits!

In the end most people will only do business with those they feel are responsible and non-abrasive!


Avoid the attitude or belief that you should be compensated for every action you take or effort you invest! Developing relationships with others can start by a simple act of 'generosity' on your part such as displaying a willingness to help others and without the expectation of reciprocation. Making available any information that may be useful to the people in your target audience is a great way to develop a positive online reputation! Remember, you are asking them to spend their money with you so what are you going to do in return?

Having a good reputation when working online is one of the most valuable assets you can have in terms of developing customer trust. Without people having faith in you sales will be difficult to achieve and your marketing success will be even tougher to claim. The 3 suggestions offered above aim to help you build a strong online reputation while also increasing your exposure as well. Remember when operating any type of business on the internet you will be 'under the microscope' at all times so act and react appropriately. By taking deliberate measures to help others without any expectations of reciprocation you will succeed at building an online reputation that will serve you well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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