So how do we develop this philosophy, well, the word of the day here is “why.” Instead of thinking in terms of why you can’t do something, think in terms of why do you want to. Why not go after that job, and why do I want to go after it. Ask yourself questions that yield meaningful answers. The worst response you can ever get to trying to get something is no. But then another step is required in forming this philosophy of no limits. That is simply understanding that life isn’t saying no to you forever, it’s just saying that at this moment, the answer is no. Take some time to better yourself and make yourself more desirable to the situation and try again. If there is more than one way to skin a cat then try some of the other ways available to you. Do not take the first hint of failure and quit, developing this philosophy means dealing with failure on a daily basis because remember, most times you will find yourself going against the grain. What happens when you rub something against its natural flow, you get resistance, but what happens when you hit the end of the resistance phase and you finally have a break through. You find yourself being launched into the stratosphere and experiencing things that are far beyond what you initially desired.

Understand that a life with no limits is a life outside of the box, and guess what happens when you get outside of the box; it’s like taking a plant out of a pot and putting it into the ground. There is a lot more room for growth, a lot more resources are available, and you get a chance to become something magical. But this can’t be achieved if you place limits on yourself. I would also say that you can’t have a limit free philosophy in something’s and have limits on other things because your mind just doesn’t work that way. If you establish limits in one area of your life then that boundary line is more than likely eventually going to reach out into other areas of your life.

Get out of your own way, once a spaceship leaves the earth’s gravitational pull, thrusters are no longer required to move it forward. The same can be said of your life, once you leave the naysayers, doubters, and dream killers, and get out of your own way you will quickly reach the stars; and there are no limits in heaven.

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Patrick Irvine is a young man on a quest for wisdom, with a burning desire to share what has been learned thus far. After serving 6 years in the Air Force Active duty, he published his first book and started a Leadership/ Management Consulting Firm. Shortly there after he began to travel as a Motivational Youth Speaker, where he shares the message of responsibility and positive thinking.

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