Developing a strong business brand is one of the best ways to gain a competitive edge over other online marketers. When working on the internet a key first step is to establish a unique identity that will help you stand out. When you establish a unique online brand people are able to separate you from the 'noise' and better tune into your marketing message. The point of any promotional efforts you put forth is to deliver a message but if it is not heard it is useless. Capturing the attention of others must first be accomplished before any message can be delivered and establishing a unique online brand will do just that.

Here are 7 strategies to help you build and establish your own brand thus allowing you to more effectively deliver your marketing message to people all across the internet.

Determine What You Represent

A clear determination of what your business or products represents needs to be made so it can be conveyed to the public. The online platform you use whether it is a blog or website needs to state your objectives or mission statement.

Use Visual Support

The use of graphics and/or visuals needs to support not only the content they are placed in but also be consistent with the online brand you are establishing. Of course the way you use these visuals should also be in an appealing and appropriate manner.

Use Text to Reinforce Image

As stated above the use of text should be consistent with both your image and any marketing message you want to deliver. Inconsistencies here will only serve to sabotage your branding efforts and confuse the public.

Broaden Your Spectrum

On your website or blog or both, offer content that is useful and supportive of your online brand. One note here is to not restrict the scope of information you are supplying but instead offer a broad range of content. As long as whatever you are posting or publishing has some sort of relevance to your business it will serve your following a greater purpose. They will come to know that your site(s) will be a great source of a broad range of information on the subject you have focused on.

Support with SEO

Learn to make good use of your search engine optimization efforts by choosing the proper keywords and placing them properly within any content you are using. This is where many online marketers miss out by not taking advantage of the free traffic/exposure search engines can generate. Once again choose your keywords wisely and be sure they support the online brand you are working to develop.

A Network Beats Legwork

Branch out into your niche and make contact with other like minded online marketers. By exchanging links everybody benefits by collectively engaging in a commonly mutual effort of generating traffic that can be shared. Don't rule out working on joint business ventures with these people in the future either!

Establish a Logo

Choose a simple image that best represents what your objectives are and use it as extensively as you can. By placing this image in your email, newsletters, viral reports or other bits of content, you can continue to reinforce the brand you are creating. After a while this image will come to symbolize your business.

The purpose of building your own unique business brand is to separate yourself from other online marketers. When working on the internet the last thing you want to do is 'fit in' since this will only drown out any marketing message you are trying to deliver. The 7 strategies reviewed above serve to give you a way to build and establish your own unique online brand. By combining the use of these strategies you will be more easily identified by the very people to whom you are marketing your goods and services. To be effective online you must first be noticed, and once you accomplish that your marketing message will be that much more effective.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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