Developing fresh new blog content does not always have to involve pulling out your hair for creative writing ideas! In many cases you can produce great content quality for your readers by dusting off some old entries and 'reintroducing' them! Now this is not to suggest you simply republish older entries from your archives but rather 'rework' them in a way that keeps your blog posting fresh and interesting! Simply stated you are just using your archives as a source of creative writing ideas and not blatantly copying older entries and passing them off as fresh!

Here are 3 approaches you can easily use to create fresh new ideas from your archives while still maintaining good content quality for viewers!

New Perspectives

Looking at old posts with a different perspective gives new energy and angles to the directions you can take with the same topic! In the vast majority of cases simply by approaching any subject from a different perspective can give you entirely new creative writing ideas for your blog posting efforts! The look, feel and even the intent of what you write has entirely changed when you alter your approach thereby resulting in something entirely unique!

Unfinished Points

Your blog posting by design is simply a series of entries none of which go into much depth and this is something you can use in your favor! Many times, if in fact not all the time, there are points left to be made in any given entry! Use these instances, of which there is no doubt many, as a whole new source of creative writing ideas for your future blogging efforts! In fact you can even judge the popularity of any particular post by the amount or type of comments left by visitors. By doing this you are basically selecting topics that have already been well received by your readers! This gives you the best chance of offering something you know visitors will enjoy!

Eye Opening Comments

Comments are easily overlooked but upon review you can easily discover 'gold' in what readers have left! Not only can comments let you know what people enjoy the most but they can also offer new ideas as well! Folks tend to speak out in terms of their suggestions or even requests for more information on a particular subject! It is up to you to listen since this can tell you what direction to take with your blog posting to keep the reader satisfied!

Producing fresh blog content can sometimes be challenging but you can find plenty of creative writing ideas within your own archives! The 3 approaches discussed above offer ways in which you can use entries you've already published to create something that will help you maintain content quality on your platform! In doing so you now have other sources that can supply you with additional blog posting ideas making your job easier and offering visitors continual reading enjoyment!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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