If I am psychic, how do I start using my abilities?

Being psychic is not just about foretelling the future – being psychic is more about being able to read energy, and to move between the dimensions of time and space… being able to manage your focus so you can tune in where and when you want… and to whom…

Developing psychic ability, work with the other side is the same as learning to drive a car… you can’t simply get behind the wheel expecting that you’ll have “the feeling” for driving and will know the rules of the road automatically. Like driving, or anything we want to be good at, psychic work takes training and practice… These are four suggestions to help you develop psychic abilities:

  1. Play with your abilities… use a deck of playing cards – start by taking only 5 or 6 cards, shuffle, then place them face down, see how many you can choose correctly, then work up to working with the whole deck. Another great way to play with your abilities is to project yourself forward to the next day, and then list three predictions for the next day… pay attention to anything that comes up in this, any colours, names or activities, and note these… then check back to see how you did, what matched up… at the beginning you may be able to make only one “match”, but with practice, you will find that all three prove to be accurate in some way or another.
  2. Learn to meditate and practice daily… don’t expect that insights will come while you are meditating, although they can, but the point of the exercise is to simply clear the energy around and in you, tune into yourself for a moment and release any anxiety… this work will help you to trigger useful insights when you need and want them.
  3. Keep a journal and review it frequently… record your impressions, insights and knowings; keeping a journal helps you to build confidence in your ability, as well as to learn your own personal symbology – and also to see and then heal any inner imbalances.
  4. Read, read, read…. learn all you can about being psychic, spirit connections, the universal symbols… I tell my clients to “follow your nose”… pursue your interests and allow them to lead you along the path… if you are interested in crystals, or numbers, or the stars, or channelling, or ghost-hunting, read as much as you can about them… it doesn’t matter where you start… it all seems to end in the same place… you connect with your soul and your power.

To develop your psychic abilities, you must learn how we create our realities through our thoughts and feelings and actions, study quantum physics and all of the elements of Natural Magic… learn the “rules”, learn about symbols, the meaning of numbers, colours, animals, study astrology, and learn how the planets, the moon and the stars influence energy… and therefore magical work… once you understand all of these things you will find that you can play in other dimensions quite freely…

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