The state of maternal and child care in low and middle income countries is very bad. Every year about 1.02 million intrapartum stillbirths, 904 000 intrapartum-related neonatal deaths, and around 42% of the 535,900 maternal death occur worldwide. In India 80% of the deliveries are not done by doctors but nurses. During the intra-partum period, monitoring the foetal heart rate and uterine contractions is very important to know the health status of the foetus.

Jainitri Innovations has a vision to see a world where no mother or newborn die during pregnancy/delivery/post-delivery. For achieving this they cater some innovative simple and easy to use products that prevent the mortality/morbidity.

KEYAR, an affordable version of CTG

A device is used to continuously monitor the FHR & uterine contraction, it is called cardiotocography machine (CTG). Doctors analyse the CTG graph that comes on print to recognize the fetal distress. Based on the graph, the doctor takes further decisions to prevent any mortality or morbidity. There are a few challenges that we face with the CTG machine. Firstly, the cost of the machine is too high(2,00,000 INR), secondly, it is non-portable (4 KG), and lastly it requires a skilled health worker to operate the device and to interpret the graphs formed by the machine. To deal with the above mentioned issues, Jainitri Innovations has come up with a new product named KEYAR.

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